point in time
time and date something took place, existed or a statement was true
date as of time of event at time when year time during event date on by date
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Data type
Point in time
instance of
Wikidata property with datatype 'time'
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Wikidata property used as "depicts" (P180) qualifier on Commons
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Wikidata item of this property
point in time
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Wikidata property example
2012 United States presidential election
point in time
6 November 2012
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
point in time
17 July 2014
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equivalent property
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property usage tracking category
Category:Pages using Wikidata property P585
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category for value same as Wikidata
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category for value not in Wikidata
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category for value different from Wikidata
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see also
start time
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publication date
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dissolved, abolished or demolished date
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service retirement
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located in time zone
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time of discovery or invention
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day of week
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end time
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date of first performance
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time of earliest written record
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date of official opening
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time index
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property proposal discussion
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property constraint
single-value constraint
exception to constraint
Grand Harbour of Malta tornado
Template:Infobox Wikidata
trial of Basshunter
series ordinal
criterion used
applies to part
nature of statement
sourcing circumstances
constraint status
suggestion constraint
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property scope constraint
property scope
as main value
as qualifier
constraint clarification
For references use P813 (retrieved), P577 (publication date) or archive date (P2960)(English)
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allowed entity types constraint
item of property constraint
Wikibase item
Wikibase property
Wikibase MediaInfo
Wikibase lexeme
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