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Chitralekha Nair
Published in Digital Storytelling Festival
·May 4
Creating AR Galleries on Spark AR Studio
Bring paintings and sculptures right into your living room! With Spark AR Studio you can curate your own galleries and view them anywhere.
We brought these Roman Emperors to our nearest park!
Create your own gallery by following these steps:
1.The very first thing to do is to check…
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Published in Digital Storytelling Festival
·May 2
Creating interactive images using is a platform that offers new ways of story-telling through presentations, games, videos, and interactive images. You can work on hundreds of templates to give your idea a unique visual experience.
One way to do so is by using the Interactive Image option to create incredible stories with multiple…
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Published in Digital Storytelling Festival
·Apr 30
Creating timelines using TimelineJS
TimelineJS by Knightlab is a very simple tool that can be used to create informative and visually striking timelines.
It generates a basic excel spreadsheet that can be edited and customised to your purpose. …
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