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Dan Waldschmidt
Published in Thrive Global
·Aug 5, 2017
You Decide Your Future
What would you do if someone told you that you only had three years to live?
Charlie Wedemeyer got the shocking diagnosed of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) when he was in his early 30s. Better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the disease was a death sentence.
He had been healthy all his life. A shocking specimen of human achievement.
The quarterback superstar of the Punahou School…
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Published in Fit Yourself Club
·Aug 2, 2017
Everyone Isn’t Already Doing The Easy Things
You’ve probably heard yourself say it before: “If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” It’s witty. And it seems true. But it’s not.
It’s easy to make a phone call and talk about something that you’re passionate about. You might call that selling or pitching or cold calling. It’s really just you having a conversation. It’s easy.
But not everyone is doing it.
It’s easy to read a book and learn a new skill for which you need some…
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Aug 1, 2017
Quit Tomorrow
When you feel like giving up, do it tomorrow. When you have finally decided that you’ve done all you can do, and make the call to quit — put it off until tomorrow.
Wanting to quit isn’t something that’s ever going to go away.
The harder you struggle and the…
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Jul 31, 2017
They Aren’t Idiots Because They See It Differently
It’s easy to assume that because you see something a certain way, that everyone else around you should see it that way as well. Your perspective can be deceiving.
Make no mistake, your view on the world is absolutely correct. For you.
How you interpret the world around you is…
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Published in EDGY Conversations
·Jul 29, 2017
“You Can Do It”
She was all done. Frustrated. Angry. And more than a little bit annoyed.
She was 45 and fed up. Determined to make some changes.
Mary Kathlyn sat at her kitchen table making a list of all the things that held her back while working in a “man’s” world for the 25 years. She made another list of the lessons she had learned. …
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Published in Ascent Publication
·Jul 27, 2017
Avoiding it is Killing You
You can’t avoid long enough to get away from your problems.
You can’t avoid good enough to stay away from your deepest, darkest fears.
In truth, you’re not avoiding failure. You’re delaying your opportunity to be awesome.
Whatever you’re avoiding — know this — it is an opportunity for you to make yourself better.
That problem you’re avoiding might just be…
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Published in
·Jul 26, 2017
Convincing Yourself to Finally Get Started
You want the results of changing, but you don’t want to do the hard work that changing demands.
You’re not alone. That is how everyone is wired.
Avoid pain. At all costs. Find pleasure, if it’s not too painful.
So what do you do when you want to change, but you’re not sure how to get started?
You don’t know what to do to trick yourself into taking those very first few steps.
For example, you know you want to get more things done…
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Published in EDGY Conversations
·Jul 25, 2017
The Power Of Small Choices
The path to better outcomes begins with making better choices. Not big choices. Not life-changing decisions. The small stuff.
Choices like when you get out of bed and what fuel you put inside your body. …
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Published in Fit Yourself Club
·Jul 24, 2017
Your Drug Of Choice
Belief is a pain reliever. And a hallucinogen.
It doesn’t need to be true. You just need to believe it.
That’s when everything changes. Because belief is a drug.
It changes how you think, how your body behaves, your energy, how you feel, what you see, and every other part of your existence.
Your belief is a pain…
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Published in Thoughts And Ideas
·Jul 22, 2017
Learning Your Way To Awesome
The story of Chris Gardner and his rocky road to success
Chris Gardner, barely older than a toddler, hadn’t grasped the concept that he was living in a foster home. He only knew that his mother and his stepfather had disappeared one day and he was living with strangers.
For three years, he had been in that home. Close to the…
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