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Larissa Borck
Published in Digital Storytelling Festival
·Jun 14
Bodil Güntzel. An artist’s life in the shadow of mental illness
How can museums use their digitised collections to highlight individual stories that have been neglected in history? Sörmlands museum shares the story of Bodil Güntzel as part of the Digital Storytelling Festival.
Elin Loord, Josefine Svensson and Larissa Borck, curators at Sörmlands museum
Stroll in a carriage (Promenad i vagn), Bodil Güntzel. Sörmlands museum, CC BY-SA.
There are different layers of social history…
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Published in Open GLAM
·Feb 24, 2020
Creating “Open GLAM now!”
What I learned by organising an international webinar series on open access on digital cultural heritage
Interior of Lundkvist Radio workshop in 1945, Dan Gunner. Värmlands museum, Public Domain Mark.
During autumn and winter 2019, I created the webinar series “Open GLAM now” for the Swedish National Heritage Board. The aim was to support a network of museums and other cultural heritage institutions in…
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Mar 10, 2018
Blogparade #KulTourRaum: Digitalisierung in Freilichtmuseen
Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg, 2017. © Larissa Borck, CC BY 2.0
Freilichtmuseen faszinieren mich. Nicht nur, weil sie Objekte und Dinge ländlicher Kultur bieten, die fast kein anderer Typus von Museen präsentiert, wie Tiere, Häuser, laufende Landmaschinen, frische Luft und anderes. …
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