Celebrating women — Art and machine learning
Cristina Paveri
May 13 · 2 min read
I started studying photography from scratch few years ago always searching to experiment new languages and learn new technologies. Due to the massive production of today photography I started to explore archives still wandering how to mix heritage photography and new technologies like artificial intelligence. So, I explored @europeana_eu searching free to use albumen print images of women portraits, then I used machine learning models of a free software to colorize two amazing portraits of a Nubian and a Samoan woman of @wellcomecollection. The first two images in these series are the results of machine learning process without human intervention. The third and fourth images in this series are the original ones.
Then with another software I studied accessibility of these colorized images, the results — no conflict found — are the last two images in this series.
Here follows a list of references for images and software.
- A Nubian woman, seated, with a large nose ring in her right nostril. Photograph by Sébah, J. Pascal, dated between 1800 and 1899 from Wellcome Collection
- A Samoan woman, wearing some leaves around her neck. Photograph, ca.1900 from Wellcome Collection
- Runway ML software with DeOldify model Copyright © 2018 Jason Antic
Adobe Color software
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