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Chitralekha Nair
May 2 · 2 min read is a platform that offers new ways of story-telling through presentations, games, videos, and interactive images. You can work on hundreds of templates to give your idea a unique visual experience.
One way to do so is by using the Interactive Image option to create incredible stories with multiple layers of information. Take a look at this for example.
Here’s how to get started.
The first step is to create an account, you can do this using your google account.
Next, click on Create Genially and choose from the templates available or start with a blank page.
You can edit the background and document colours as per your taste.
You can also add your own image to your creation and use the interactivity option to create a tooltip, window, button to another page or even link it to an external website.
There are multiple options for animating these interactive elements as well, these are useful in helping viewers find the interactive elements on your page.
You can keep using the preview option on the top right corner of the screen to see your progress.
Once you are content with your creation, click on All Set to publish your interactive image!
When uploading an image, we recommend you use a .png image as these have no background and will fit seamlessly into your background image.
If you add links to an external website, make sure you choose open in a new tab.
If you have multiple pages, make sure you create a button to link the subsequent pages back to the main screen.
Use the hover mouse animation type and select expand/shrink to make sure the interactive elements are easily visible to the viewers.
So many interesting stories could be told using interactive images. We’re curious about yours. Find out how and submit it here and on social media using the hashtag #DigiStoryFest.
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