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May 11 · 2 min read
What if you could make your Insta-stories last for more than 24 hours? What if you could make them reach more people or those who don’t follow you on social media? Newsroom AI makes it possible.
The Web-Stories format allows creators to publish audio, video, images and even add interactive elements (like polls and quizzes).
This engaging content format offers great potential for museums and cultural institutions.
Newsroom AI : Creator Dashboard
From CNN to VICE, several publishing platforms have used this feature to tell immersive stories. At The Heritage Lab, we experimented with Web-Stories to feature an exhibition as well as a public-participation campaign (led by a Mumbai-based gallery).
Bastille Day : How it inspired centuries of civil disobedience [example from CNN]
Screenshot of the web-story
With an easy-to-use dashboard, and a secure way to add team members (invite using their email addresses), this is an excellent way to preserve those wonderful Instagram / Snapchat stories on the web, with access to analytics.
Why we love the Web-Stories format:
There are absolutely no restrictions in designing these stories. You can add your logo, specify font, and even add GIFs!
Text can be hyperlinked
Unlike Instagram, you can specify if the story will move forward with a user’s tap or after a dedicated number of seconds.
Each story has its own URL — so you can share it wherever you’d like!
a bookend feature : on the final page, you can add links to other related stories or social media.
Final page : add related links / social media links etc. here
Hope you have fun making your own Web Story! Don’t forget to submit it for The Digital Storytelling Festival which runs May 1–31
Disclaimer : this is not a sponsored post; there are other tools available as well but we mention Newsroom AI because of our experience with it)
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