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Villa de Madrid
¿Quieres dar un paseo por la antigua ciudad de Madrid y descubrir sus historias?
Laura Guindal
Jun 27
Animating Old Morphing Pictures
I think what’s interesting about archive pictures from the 1870’s and how they depict changes from one object to another, is how you can…
Nick J Cave
Jun 28
A Mathmas Carol
by Cristina Cidnay
Jun 20
For the Digital Storytelling Festival organized by Europeana I wanted to try if I could make a short story for social media. Short, a real…
Jun 18
Ponte Nomentano: the virtual tales of an Old Bridge
The Old Bridge at the crossroad between Aniene river and Nomentana road tells its story, the story of another Rome.
Ponte Nomentano
Jun 15
Story of cats who became mummies
We are in the first century BC, in the golden sandy lands of ancient Egypt. The wise priests who guard the temples are knowledgeable men…
Carola Carlino
Jun 15
The strange tale of the birth of the Mughal Rupee
This Mughal currency initially comprised of a thin-flanned silver coin
Mahesh A. Kalra
Jun 15
Occupation of yore: Bhisti - the water carrier
Animated Short Film on ‘A day in the life of a Bhisti’ using Open Access images with an article to share their story and more.
Arunesh Varade
Jun 15
Rooms for Lafayette
Memories and Memorials to the Last Men of the Revolution
Monumentculture (Laura A. Macaluso)
Jun 14
A short history of Recycling
Recycling means converting something that is not useful anymore (waste) into a new object or materials — pretty simple, uhm? But do you…
European Footprints
Jun 14
The Story of Amritavarshini
With art depending on several factors: animation, rhythm, colours, and lights- digital media is already in itself a cultural microcosm of…
Indian Music Experience
Jun 14
What’s for lunch today?
Dutch Still lifes from the 17th century are filled with some lovely food and hidden symbolism
Tea Gudek Snajdar
Jun 14
Bodil Güntzel. An artist’s life in the shadow of mental illness
How can museums use their digitised collections to highlight individual stories that have been neglected in history? Sörmlands museum…
Larissa Borck
Jun 14
Celebrating women — Art and machine learning
I started studying photography from scratch few years ago always searching to experiment new languages and learn new technologies. Due to…
Cristina Paveri
May 13
Digital storytelling — how a town changed
Alessandro Vallin
May 9
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