Jun 18, 2021 · 1 min read
For the Digital Storytelling Festival organized by Europeana I wanted to try if I could make a short story for social media. Short, a real story, and entertaining.
But… where to start?? The online Europeana Collections are huge! Just pondering and wondering about I found some inspiration by my youtube guru Adriene. She teaches at home yoga and whatever mood you’re in it’s always a joy. Also when it’s not a joy at all. You see :-)
So, let’s try searching for ‘yoga’! I see these amazing thermal images that look like pieces of art in itself. They gave me the idea for a transformation, playing the different movements in an order that they tell their own story.
Here it is: posted on my Instagram timeline and below. Enjoy!
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Hi, my name is Cornelie van Vliet and I am a freelance professional in content and writing. As M.C. Escher says: “Mijn werk is een spel. Een heel serieus spel.”
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