Notice of Right to Opt-Out
California residents may opt out of the sale of their personal information (as those terms are defined by applicable California law). Additional information about this right to opt out is available in the Do Not Sell My Personal Information section of our Privacy Policy.
Opting out of Personalized Advertising
If you choose to opt out of the sale of your personal information, you will be opting out of personalized advertising. Please take a moment to read about how personalized advertising impacts the Los Angeles Times.
In addition to paid subscriptions, paid advertising is an essential source of revenue.
This revenue allows us to consistently deliver the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalism you’ve come to expect from the Los Angeles Times and its affiliates.
Our Privacy Policy outlines in detail how our advertising partners may collect data used to target advertising more effectively, which in turn increases the value of our paid advertising inventory.
Opting out of the sale of your personal information, in the context of advertising, hinders our ability to drive advertising revenue.
Driving revenue is important but so is data privacy and security. And we take data privacy very seriously. We continuously audit our advertising partners to ensure they adhere to the standards and regulations that keep your data secure and protected.
As an independent journalism organization, we strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do. And that includes the experience our readers have with our advertising partners.
We aim to create a smooth, seamless, and enjoyable experience that is reliable and secure, no matter what platform you use.
This as an ongoing process because we believe in listening to feedback and adapting to changes in technology. Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing by emailing us at​.
Opt-Out Tools
To unsubscribe from Los Angeles Times marketing messages, you can adjust your settings here:​.
If you are a California resident, to opt out of the sale of your personal information by us to third parties (and as a result, opt out of personalized advertising), you must utilize the following toggle (and all 3 tools below).
Do Not Sell My Personal Information

If you are logged into your Los Angeles Times account, this setting will save your opt out preference to your profile (otherwise your preference will be stored in a browser cookie). Please see the full disclosure below.
You must utilize each of the following 3 tools (in addition to the toggle above) to ensure that you are opted out as much as technically possible across the open web.
  1. DAA:
    This tool, created by the Digital Advertising Alliance, will generate a list of participating vendors who are currently collecting data from you for the purposes of targeted advertising. You will be able to see each vendor and must then affirmatively opt out of any or all of their databases.
  2. NAI:
    This tool, created by the Network Advertising Initiative, will also generate a list of participating vendors who are currently collecting data from you for the purposes of targeted advertising. You will be able to see each vendor and must then affirmatively opt out of any or all of their databases.
  3. LiveIntent:
    This tool is specific to LiveIntent, which is a vendor we utilize for advertising within our newsletters.
Full disclosure: For many of these tools, your opt-out preferences may be stored in cookies. If your browser blocks cookies, your opt-out preferences may not be effective. If you delete cookies, you may also be deleting your opt-out preferences, so you should visit these pages periodically to review your preferences or to update your choices. The above opt-out mechanisms are browser based and device specific; thus, you must opt-out on each device and on each browser to exercise your rights. The Los Angeles Times does not maintain or control the opt-out mechanisms listed in items 1-3 above and is not responsible for their operation.
Even if you opt-out using any of the above mechanisms, we may still deliver contextual advertising, use information for non-targeted advertising purposes such as analytics, measurement and attribution and conduct cross-device tracking to provide first-party advertisements directly to you. Further, we may also still share some of your information with our service providers to provide services on our behalf, such as fraud prevention, measuring the effectiveness and performance of advertisements, providing analytics and aggregate statistics, and similar services that do not involve the sale of your personal information.
We participate in the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies (“IAB Framework”). When you use the above toggle to opt-out, to the extent we sell your personal information in order to deliver ads tailored to your interests, we will notify downstream participants of the IAB Framework that receive personal information about you to only use your personal information for those specific and limited purposes that are permitted under the IAB Framework. You may also limit your opt-out to the re-sale of your personal information by downstream participants by clicking on the IAB Framework Signatory Identification List and opting-out on such downstream participant’s digital property (instead of using the above toggle). Please note that opting-out does not mean that you will stop seeing ads or that you will stop seeing interest-based ads. To learn more about interest-based advertising across sites and additional opt-out choices, you should visit one or more of the following industry opt-out links:​,​, and​. Where you opt-out for purposes of the CCPA, but do not opt-out of interest-based advertising more generally, you may continue to receive ads tailored to your interests based upon personal information not sold by us, sold to other IAB participants before you opted out, or sold by other sources from which you have not opted out. We are not responsible for any downstream participants' compliance with the IAB Framework or the accuracy of their privacy policies or statements regarding their opt-out options or programs.
Your choices for this browser do not apply to our mobile app. To opt-out in the mobile app environment, please click on the “Do Not Sell My Personal Info” link in the Settings menu of our mobile app.
These rights only apply to California residents, and if we reasonably believe that you are not a California resident, you may not exercise these rights.
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