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Manchmal sieht unser Schicksal aus wie ein Fruchtbaum im Winter. Wer sollte bei dem traurigen Ansehn desselben wohl denken, daß diese starren Äste, diese zackigen Zweige im nächsten Frühjahr wieder grünen, blühen, sodann Früchte tragen könnten, doch wir hoffen's, wir wissen's. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Hello, I am Hasley, a Mahler-lover, penguin-powered user and volunteer Wikimedia contributor. I started editing to the Spanish Wikipedia in late 2016 and became an administrator and bureaucrat a few years later, following a successful request for adminship (89/2).
Mid-way through 2019 I started to expand my activities across more Wikimedia projects. Subsequently, I was elected as an administrator on Wikidata. I am active on other projects, such as the English Wikiversity, Meta-Wiki, and Wikimedia Commons. I am also a Small Wiki Monitoring Team member dealing with cross-wiki vandalism and spam on a daily basis. You may find me on occasionally.
Feel free to check out my contributions and my logs to see what I have recently been up. You can revert any actions I have taken if you feel I have erred. If you have any queries, please visit my talk page and leave a message. You might find me on IRC, cloaked as @wikimedia/Hasley (usually as mahler); I can also be reached by email.
I am a native speaker of Spanish and am reasonably fluent in other languages, such as English and Catalan. I am originally from Venezuela. (UTC−04:00, currently 12:05 PM.)
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