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The following page documents an official Meta-Wiki policy.
This page has been elaborated and approved by the community and its compliance is mandatory for all users. It must not be modified without prior community approval.
Policies and guidelinesBureaucrat policies and information
This page provides information on Meta-Wiki bureaucrats, and lays out relevant policies.
Bureaucrats are Meta-Wiki users with the technical ability to:
They are bound primary by policy and consensus to grant any access, and only when doing so reflects the wishes of the community, always after a successful request for permissions.
Administrators who have been active for at least the past 6 months may request for bureaucrat permissions. Bureaucrats are expected to ensure that the bot policies are followed when granting bot status to an user. They are expected to be capable judges of consensus, and are expected to explain the reasoning for their actions on request and in a civil manner.
Bureaucrats do not have the ability to grant further levels of access (they cannot promote to oversighter or checkuser). These capabilities are held only by stewards, a small multilingual group that serves all Wikimedia projects. Stewards are elected annually; for more information, see Steward requests/Permissions.
Administrators can request bureaucrat permissions on Meta if:
  1. They are active on Meta with over 150 edits/log actions (after getting adminship and not including own userspace) in the last six months.
  2. The user is endorsed by two current bureaucrats after he or she nominates themselves at Meta:Requests for adminship.
  3. No objections are raised in 24 hours after they nominate themselves at Meta:Requests for adminship. If objections are raised, a short discussion should ensue, at which point after 48 hours an uninvolved bureaucrat will close it and analyse whether consensus believes the concerns are valid or not. If the concerns are considered valid by consensus, the candidate must nominate themself via a one-week RfB process identical to RfA and pass to become a bureaucrat.

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