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Global blocks are technical actions performed to prevent an IP address or range of IP addresses from editing all Wikimedia wikis, for a fixed period of time or indefinitely. Global blocks disable account creation from the blocked IP by default, and can also prevent editing while logged in to an account.
Global blocks cannot be applied directly to accounts. For the analogous action with accounts, see global locks.
Global IP blocks
IP blocking is the only form of global blocking that is technically possible. The GlobalBlocking extension can block an IP address or range (maximum of /16 in IPv4, maximum of /19 in IPv6) from editing all Wikimedia projects except Meta, and is only available to Stewards or selected WMF staff in special groups like WMF Support and Safety. These are logged in the Global block log.
Globally blocked IP addresses that cause disruption on Meta are locally blocked.
While exceptions exist, these are the guidelines:
Accounts which are "global IP block exempt" are exempted from these global blocks. They are still vulnerable to IP and IP range blocks made locally on individual wikis. To apply for global IP block exemption, see Steward requests/Global permissions or use the Unblock Ticket Request System.
Local unblocking
Global IP blocks can be locally unblocked on specific wikis by any sysops on that wiki (​Special:GlobalBlockWhitelist​). Similarly, user accounts can be unblocked where they are caught within an IP block, such blocks can be overridden on the local wiki by granting a local IP block exemption (Special:UserRights).
Deciding on Global Blocks
Requests or appeals should be made on the Global [un]block and [un]lock requests page or the Unblock Ticket Request System.
A global ban should be discussed in its own RFC and mentioned widely on meta, and on all communities where the user is active in the local language. Notice should be given, at a minimum, wherever local bans are discussed - or on the village pump if no local process exists.
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