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このページに書かれているのはウィキメディア財団のサーバーを管理・維持している人たちのことです。歴史的に「​developers​」(開発者)という呼び方がありましたが、今では不正確な用語になりました。MediaWiki ソフトウェアの開発者についての情報は​ 上の開発者のページ​をご覧ください。「管理者」「アドミン」「シスオペ」などとして知られる、ウィキページの管理者権限については​administrator​をご覧ください。
ウィキメディア財団の​システム管理者​はウィキメディアのサーバの​システム管理の作業​をします。主要な業務は財団の900以上のウィキが滞りなくうごき、利用者がページの閲覧や変更をしつづけられるように保つことです。​ウィキメディアサーバークラスタ​のハードウェアとソフトウェアのメンテナンスのほか、ウィキメディアのサーバで走る MediaWiki のバージョンの更新と設定も務めます。ウィキの作成、ウィキの閉鎖、設定の変更など、サーバーやデータベースへの直接のアクセス権限が必要な管理業務も行うことができます。
The Wikimedia Foundation legally controls the servers; ultimately the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees is responsible for determining who has sysadmin access, and how that responsibility is exercised. However, this power is delegated to various Wikimedia Foundation managers. On a day-to-day basis, various system administrators with root or shell access manage the server clusters.
Although system administrators are often not active on Wikimedia wikis themselves, they may occasionally need to perform actions for technical reasons, such as blocking users or bots that are consuming unacceptable amounts of system resources, or undoing edits that put heavy strain on the servers. Such actions should not be undone without consulting the system administrator.
To facilitate these changes being made in a transparent fashion with no need of the steward flag, all system administrators who ask can be added to the 'sysadmin' global group (automatic members lists). This group allows them to set user rights for any user on any wiki, in the same fashion as stewards. So if a system administrator needs to perform an action restricted to administrators (like editing system messages) on a particular wiki, they can simply grant themselves admin status on that wiki to make the action. In addition, the 'sysadmin' group has access to Special:GlobalGroupPermissions​, where system administrators can change the permissions assigned to their global group. So as an alternative, the system administrator could add editinterface to the global group permissions, and would then be able to edit system messages on all wikis.
System administrators are encouraged to use the latter method of granting permissions, to avoid the lists of administrators/bureaucrats on local wikis becoming cluttered with users who are not 'permanent' members of those groups. These self-promotions may be removed at any time by stewards, as they can be easily restored if needed. However, some system administrators have permissions on certain wikis as a result of due process on that wiki, for instance Tim Starling's adminship on English Wikipedia; such rights should not be removed in this fashion.
もし、なにか必要なことがあっても、このリストの人々に直接連絡を取らないでください。代わりに、​#wikimedia-tech​接続​IRC チャンネル​または、​​上のチケットを作成してください。
The list below is provided for convenience and should not be treated as accurate or complete. Most of the technical Wikimedia Foundation staff have some form of shell access. There are various levels of shell access (through user groups) and many (whether or not overlapping) groups of servers that access is granted to. For simplification the list below considers all servers to be the same and there to be only (regular) "restricted", "deployment", and "ops". Some other users (not necessarily listed here) have the ability to perform highly restricted actions in some miscellaneous services, with varying degrees of visibility to users.
名前ウィキ アカウントIRCAffiliationOps[note 1]Deployment[note 2]Restricted[note 3]
Aaron SchulzAaron Schulz (WMF)AaronSchulzWMF
Alexandros KosiarisAKosiaris (WMF)akosiarisWMF
Andrew BogottAndrew BogottandrewbogottWMF
Andrew OttoAOtto (WMF)ottomataWMF
Ariel T. GlennArielGlennapergosWMF
Arturo Borrero GonzalezABorrero (WMF)arturoWMF
Arzhel YounsiAYounsi (WMF)XioNoXWMF
Brandon BlackBBlack (WMF)bblackWMF
Brooke StormBStorm (WMF)bstorm_WMF
Chase PettetCPettet (WMF)chasempWMF
Chris DanisCDanis (WMF)cdanisWMF
Chris JohnsonCmjohnson1 (WMF)cmjohnsonWMF
Daniel ZahnMutantemutanteWMF
Emanuele RoccaERocca (WMF)emaWMF
Faidon LiambotisFaidon Liambotis (WMF)paravoidWMF
Filippo GiunchediFGiunchedi (WMF)godogWMF
Giuseppe LavagettoGLavagetto (WMF)_joe_WMF
Guillaume LederreyGLederrey (WMF)gehelWMF
Jaime CrespoJCrespo (WMF)jynusWMF
Janis MeybohmJMeybohm (WMF)jaymeWMF
Jeff GreenJgreen (wmf)jeff_greenWMF
Keith HerronKHerron (WMF)herron
Luca ToscanoLToscano (WMF)elukeyWMF
Manuel ArosteguiMArostegui (WMF)marosteguiWMF
Mark BergsmaMark BergsmamarkWMF
Moritz MuehlenhoffMMuhlenhoff (WMF)moritzmWMF
Ori LivnehOri LivnehoriVolunteer
Reuven LazarusRLazarus (WMF)rzlWMF
Riccardo CoccioliRCoccioli (WMF)volansWMF
Rob HalsellRobHRobHWMF
Tim StarlingTim StarlingTimStarlingWMF
Aaron HalfakerHalfak (WMF)halfakWMF
Adam BasoABaso (WMF)dr0ptp4ktWMF
Adam ShorlandAdam Shorland (WMDE)addshoreWMDE
Adam WightAwight (WMF)awightWMF
Amir SarabadaniLadsgroupAmir1Volunteer, WMDE
Andrew GreenAGreen (WMF)AndyRussGWMF
Antoine MussoAmusso (WMF)hasharWMF
Arthur RichardsAwjrichards (WMF)awjrichardsWMF
Bernd SitzmannBSitzmann (WMF)bearNDWMF
Brad JorschBJorsch (WMF)anomieWMF
Brian WolffBWolff (WMF)bawolffWMF
Brion VibberBrion Vibber (WMF)brionWMF
Bryan DavisBDavis (WMF)bd808WMF
C. Scott AnanianCAnanian (WMF)cscottWMF
Chad Horohoe^demonostrichesVolunteer
Dan AndreescuMilimetric (WMF)millimetricWMF
Dan DuvallDDuvall (WMF)marxarelliWMF
Daniel KinzlerDaniel Kinzler (WMDE)DanielK_WMDEWMDE
David CausseDCausse (WMF)dcausseWMF
Ed SandersESanders (WMF)edsandersWMF
Elliott EgglestonEEggleston (WMF)ejeggWMF
Eric EvansEEvans (WMF)urandomWMF
Erik BernhardsonEBernhardson (WMF)ebernhardsonWMF
Gergo TiszaTgr (WMF)tgrWMF
Gilles DubucGDubuc (WMF)gillesWMF
Greg GrossmeierGreg (WMF)greg-gWMF
Joseph AllemandouJAllemandou (WMF)joalWMF
Kartik MistryKartikMistrykart_WMF
Katie FilbertKatie Filbert (WMDE)audeVolunteer, WMDE
Kunal MehtaLegoktm (WMF)legoktmWMF
Leon ZiembaMusikAnimal (WMF)musikanimalWMF
Marcel Ruiz FornsMforns (WMF)mfornsWMF
Marius HochHoo manhooVolunteer, WMDE
Mark HolmquistMarkTraceur (WMF)marktraceur/rdwrerWMF
Marko ObrovacMobrovacmobrovacWMF
Matthew FlaschenMattflaschen (WMF)superm401Volunteer
Matthias MullieMmullie (WMF)mlitnWMF
Martin UrbanecMartin UrbanecUrbanecmVolunteer
Max SemenikMaxSem (WMF)MaxSemWMF
Michael HollowayMHolloway (WMF)mhollowayWMF
Mukunda ModellMModell (WMF)twentyafterfourWMF
Niharika KohliNKohli (WMF)niharikaWMF
Niklas LaxstromNikerabbitNikerabbitWMF
Nuria RuizNRuiz (WMF)nuriaWMF
Petr PchelkoPPchelko (WMF)PcheloloWMF
Piotr MiazgaPMiazga (WMF)raynorWMF
Roan KattouwRoan Kattouw (WMF)RoanKattouwWMF
Ryan KaldariRyan Kaldari (WMF)kaldariWMF
Sam ReedReedyReedyWMF
Sam SmithSSmith (WMF)phuedxWMF
Sebastien SantoroDerecksonDerecksonVolunteer
Subramanya SastrySSastry (WMF)subbuWMF
Timo TijhofKrinkleKrinkleWMF
Tyler CiprianiTCipriani (WMF)thciprianiWMF
Zeljko FilipinZFilipin (WMF)zeljkofWMF
Amir AharoniAaharoni-WMFaharoniWMF
Chelsy XieCXie (WMF)chelsyxWMF
Dario TarborelliDario (WMF)DarTarWMF
Erik ZachteErik Zachte (WMF)ezachteWMF
James AlexanderJamesofurjamesofurVolunteer
Joe SutherlandJSutherland (WMF)foksWMF
Jon RobsonJon (WMF)jdlrobsonWMF
Leila ZiaLZia (WMF)leilaWMF
Mikhail PopovMPopov (WMF)bearlogaWMF
Santhosh ThottingalSthottingal-WMFsanthoshWMF
Stas MalyshevSmalyshev (WMF)SMalyshevWMF
  1. ウィキメディアの全てのサーバーの完全な権利を持つ
  2. Deployers can do most community-facing stuff. They can deploy code to servers or change MediaWiki configuration, and also do anything restricted can.
  3. Can run maintenance scripts and view all server logs.

Initially, it was Jimmy Wales who installed software, ran update programs, etc., on the servers. In March 2002, he proposed to give login accounts to some developers ("Trusted user access to machine", Wikitech-l).
System administrators formerly had an important role in the Wikipedia power structure, since they were the only ones able to promote and demote sysops and lock user accounts (before the "block" feature of MediaWiki existed).
Some sysadmins had shell access to the old California servers, but due to inactivity, weren't given shell access on the "new" (since decommissioned) Florida servers. Magnus Manske, April King, Lee Daniel Crocker, Axel Boldt, Matthias Jordan, Neil Harris and Ed Poor were all in this category.
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