Wednesday Spill: Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake; Talk Of The Town Cartoons
September 22, 2021
Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake We’re used to seeing photos of cartoonists at their drawing boards, hovering over their work. But here are some photos taken last night of four New Yorker cartoonists (mostly) not sitting down, but standing up, doing stand-up, on stage, in front of their projected drawings. The occasion: “Funny On Paper;

Friday Spill: Results of Yesterday’s Swann Cartoon Auction; Answers To Google’s “People Also Ask”
June 25, 2021
The gavel has dropped, and the winning prices are in for the latest Swann Illustration auction (which included a number of New Yorker pieces: cartoons and covers). After looking through the results this morning, I think it’s safe to say it was a good day if you are a Frank Modell fan (two of his pieces went for the lowest

Weekend Spill: Alan Dunn’s “New Yorker War Cartoons” Cover; Latest ToonStack; A Mini-Fisher Fest; Most Recent Addition To The Spill’s Cartoon Library
May 29, 2021
  Alan Dunn’s New Yorker War Cartoons Cover  Alan Dunn might be best remembered for his signature densely styled charcoal and grease pencil drawings that appeared for nearly a half-century in the New Yorker, from 1926 through 1974. Or he might be remembered as the most prolific New Yorker artist with the most published cartoons until William Steig overtook him

The Weekend Spill: ToonStack #2; The Tilley Watch Online, March 15-19, 2021; Illustrated Odds & Ends
March 20, 2021
            ToonStack #2 The second ToonStack Newsletter has been posted. The contributors include Navied Dahvanian, Hillary Campbell, Kendra Allenby, Johnny DiNapoli, Ellis Rosen, J.A.K., Amy Kurzweil, Jason Chatfield, Avi Steinberg, and Sofia Warren. See all the work here. _______________________________________________________________ The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of March 15-19, 2021 An end of week listing of
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