Wednesday Spill: To Reveal A Caption, Or Not To Reveal, That Is The Question
September 28, 2022
To Reveal A Caption, Or Not To Reveal, That Is The Question  A drawing of mine (the original is shown above) recently appeared in The New Yorker Caption Contest. I don’t know how many I’ve contributed to the contest over the years, and I won’t guess. But I will guess that many of them were submitted captionless — I submitted

Tuesday Spill: An E. Simms Campbell Original On Attempted Bloggery
September 27, 2022
An E. Simms Campbell Original On Attempted Bloggery Attempted Bloggery shows us an original (non-New Yorker) original drawing by the late E. Simms Campbell. From my adventures online looking for/at original drawings, it’s always a treat to see one of Mr. Campbell’s original drawings show up — it doesn’t happen very often.  Link here to see the Attempted Bloggery piece. 

Monday Tilley Watch: The New Yorker Issue Of October 3, 2022; Addamsfest Is Back
September 26, 2022
The Monday Tilley Watch takes a glancing look at the art and artists of the latest issue of The New Yorker  The Cover: Mark Ulrisken honors #99, Aaron Judge. The Cartoonists & Cartoons: Nineteen cartoonists and nineteen cartoons (not including the Caption Contest Cartoonists…see below). No duos that we know of. One newbie: Nathan Cooper, who becomes the 18th addition to

Friday Spill (Early Edition): Advance Look At Next Week’s Aaron Judge Cover; Ken Krimstein Guests On Caption Contest Podcast
September 22, 2022
Advance Look… Next Week’s Aaron Judge Cover Celebrating #99, from cover artist, Mark Ulriksen. Read more here.  __________________________________________________________________ Ken Krimstein Guests On The Caption Contest Podcast Mr. Krimstein joins co-hosts Beth Lawler and Paul Nesja on the latest episode of the Caption Contest Podcast. Listen here.  Ken Krimstein began contributing to The New Yorker in 2000. Visit his website here. 
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