Weekend Spill: The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of November 21-25, 2022; New Book… Illustrated By Jason Chatfield
November 26, 2022
The Tilley Watch Online, The  Week Of November 21-25, 2022 An end of the week listing of New Yorker artists whose work has appeared on features The Daily Cartoon: Gabrielle Drolet, Amy Hwang, Colin Stokes (The New Yorker‘s Associate Cartoon Editor), Maggie Larson, Ari Steinberg, Jared Nangle. Daily Shouts: Olivia de Recat (and Ella Quitner), Julia Wertz.  Barry Blitt’s

Friday Spill: A Classic Black Friday New Yorker Cartoon; Article Of Interest…Harold Ross
November 25, 2022
  Finishing up the Spill’s Thanksgiving traditional cartoonathon, here’s Liza Donnelly’s wonderful day after Thanksgiving New Yorker drawing from the issue of  November 26, 2007 (used with her permission).    Link here to Liza Donnelly’s website, and here to “Seeing Things” her Substack Newsletter.  _______________________________________________________________ Article Of Interest “Magazines Done Well…Lessons From Harold Ross, Founder And Editor Of The New Yorker”

The Spill’s Traditional Thanksgiving Cartoon; Bob Eckstein Is The Latest Guest On The Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
November 24, 2022
Continuing a Spill Thanksgiving tradition (and a chance for this one to see the light of day again), this one of mine from The New Yorker, October 16, 2006.  _____________________________________________________________ Bob Eckstein Is the Latest Guest On The Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast  Bob Eckstein, who began contributing to the magazine in 2007,  is the world’s leading Snowman expert, as well

Wednesday Spill: A Rescue; A Fave Thanksgiving New Yorker Cover
November 23, 2022
It seems it’s becoming a Spill tradition to show this New Yorker drawing of mine (from the issue of December 8, 2014),  and one other (on Thanksgiving day),  followed by one on Friday by Liza Donnelly (leftovers-themed).  ____________________________________________________________ A Favorite Thanksgiving New Yorker Cover Of the many Thanksgiving themed New Yorker covers, the one shown below, by Abe Birnbaum, has
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