Eckstein’s Bookstores Pt.2
October 20, 2014
From, October 20, 2014, “The Endangered Bookstores of New York”  — part two of Bob Eckstein’s terrific look at area bookstores. Link to Mr. Eckstein’s website here Link here to his New Yorker work.   .
Politics & Comics Panel at Columbia
October 19, 2014
          Karen Green, Graphics Novel Librarian at Columbia University, will host this event featuring the editorial cartoonist, Jeff Danzinger, and New Yorker cartoonists, Peter Kuper and Liza Donnelly. Link here to Peter Kuper’s website Link here to Liza Donnelly’s website Link here to Jeff Danzinger’s website
Donnelly Speaks
October 17, 2014
                          This notice from Vanderbilt University about an upcoming appearance by Liza Donnelly, who was a finalist for The Thurber Prize for American Humor. Link here to Ms. Donnelly’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site. Link here to her website,
Video: New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor on the Caption Contest
October 16, 2014
              Here’s The New Yorker’s current cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff speaking (for about 15 minutes) about the magazine’s popular Caption Contest. Link here to Bob Mankoff’s New Yorker work on the magazine’s Cartoon Bank site. Link here to Mr. Mankoff’s website.
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