New Yorker website redesign launched; Why Koren Runs
July 21, 2014
                The New Yorker‘s website redesign debuts today. Go here to see it. Here’s a related article from Capital New York, July 21, 2014.   And…     From Runners World, “runner and cartoonist” Edward Koren tells us, in a few words, why he runs.
From the Ink Spill Archives: A Wartime New Yorker Pamphlet
July 16, 2014
      Back in late May I posted interesting cover art from Rea Irvin.  Today, another item from the bundle of donated materials, Excerpts From The New Yorker. As explained inside the front cover:   This 27 page pamphlet contains drawings by Alain (on the cover as well as inside), Peter Arno, Robert Day, George Price, Richard Decker, Charles
Interview: Bob Mankoff; “Every Tuesday Afternoon” to be Screened
July 13, 2014
  From  History News Network, July 13, 2014, “A Life in Cartoons: An Interview with New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff”           And…       Rachel Loube’s short, Every Tuesday Afternoon, A Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonists, will be screened at the upcoming Rochester Jewish Film Festival.  The film focuses on several cartoonists, including Emily
Some More on the Vineyard Exhibit; Mankoff Speaks on Long Island
July 11, 2014
From the Vineyard Gazette, July 10, 2014, “Art of Cartooning No Laughing Matter” — a piece on the upcoming exhibit at Featherstone Center for the Arts  (mentioned here just the other day) featuring the work of Mick Stevens, Jules Feiffer, Paul Karasik and Denys Wortman, among others.   And… Also near the water, the New Yorker‘s Cartoon Editor, Bob Mankoff
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