Thurber Thursday: 10 Thurber Things I Saw On Ebay I’ve Never Seen Before
July 28, 2021
 Anticipating Thurber Thursday, I typed in “James Thurber” on Ebay and began scrolling through the two thousand plus items listed. As is my habit, I look for things I’ve never seen before. By the time I made it through maybe half the two thousand Thurber-related things listed, I found ten — the ten below — I’d never seen before.   The
Thurber Thursday
July 22, 2021
Maybe this sounds funny coming from someone who spends a lot of time drawing “pictures” but there are plenty of times I like to just take some time off to look at pictures… of New Yorker folks, past and present. Take last night for instance (please!)…oops, sorry, and apologies to Henny Youngman*…. Anyway, last night I typed in James Thurber

Friday Spill: Newest Additions To The Spill Library; Today’s Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon; Frank Cotham Interviewed On Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast
July 16, 2021
Newest Additions To The Spill Library This new addition to the spotty Spill collection of bound New Yorkers was a real treat to go through. Two Arno covers out of nine issues — he was on a hot streak in those post-war years. Memorable moments: early Steinberg drawings (captionless); a few “composite” Thurber drawings, and a number of captionless artist-in-the

Thurber Thursday: A Swedish Last Flower & So Much More; Opening Tonight!: Vornado & Company’s “Cartooning While Black”; Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon
July 15, 2021
  So Much To See I recently came across this Facebook page of Thurber photos while Thurber surfing on the www. I’ve never seen so many hitherto unseen (by me) Thurber covers before (there’s other stuff here too, but book jackets are in the majority). A real treat. Mixed in among the more familiar book jackets are plenty of foreign

Thurber Thursday: Revisiting Danny Shanahan’s Nod To Dr. Millmoss
July 8, 2021
    Last year I spoke with Danny Shanahan, who passed away this week, about his trio of very Thurberesque drawings that had appeared in The New Yorker. This seems like the time, place, and day to re-post that piece in its entirety. From Ink Spill, May 7, 2020: When Thurber’s Dr. Millmoss Returned To The New Yorker Via Danny
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