Thurber Thursday: A Statue For The Dog That Bit People
August 19, 2021
A Statue For The Dog That Bit People  It’s not every Thurber Thursday that sports a two day old breaking story, but here we go with one that has already made my day (and it’s only 6 am).  From The Columbus Dispatch, August 17, 2021, “The cantankerous airedale bit nearly everyone, but Thurber dog Muggs is getting his due with
Wednesday Spill: A Smattering Of Books: Today’s Daily Cartoonist
August 18, 2021
A long overdue reorganization of a part of the Spill’s archives began yesterday. It began as any reorganization has to begin: with moving things (books mostly) from one place to another. The above were facing a wall on a metal revolving bookcase. I hadn’t seen some of them in awhile (the revolving bookcase does not easily revolve). The small book

Thurber Thursday: His 1st Appearance In A New Yorker Album
August 12, 2021
On this extremely warm Thurber Thursday I was driven (well, I drove myself) to the Spill’s collection of New Yorker Albums (of drawings, or if you’re feeling more contemporary casual, cartoons). It occurred to me this morning that I did not know which Album contained the first Thurber appearance. You might think it appeared in the 1st album, simply titled
Thurber Thursday: Thurber’s Guest Book
August 5, 2021
A few Thurber Thursdays back when I took a look at a page of foreign Thurber books, Thurbers Gastebuch really got my attention, so I ordered a copy from Germany. I loved the look of it: the cover design, the cover’s color, the size (similar to the titles published during WWII and somewhat close to the UK only Thurber Garland,
Thurber Thursday: 10 Thurber Things I Saw On Ebay I’ve Never Seen Before
July 28, 2021
 Anticipating Thurber Thursday, I typed in “James Thurber” on Ebay and began scrolling through the two thousand plus items listed. As is my habit, I look for things I’ve never seen before. By the time I made it through maybe half the two thousand Thurber-related things listed, I found ten — the ten below — I’d never seen before.   The
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