Weekend Spill: Three Book Ads…William Steig, Katharine White, James Thurber; Jason Chatfield Celebrates “Ginger Meggs” 100th Anniversary; The Tilley Watch Online, The Week Of November 8-12, 2021
November 13, 2021
  Three Book Ads Here’s a trio of ads I ran across this morning while having a fun breeze through of some late 1970s, early 1980s New Yorkers.* Seeing the Steig book ad, I’d forgotten the Lillian Ross intro — I’m inspired to dig the book out of the Spill library and see what Ms. Ross had to say about

Wednesday Spill: Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake; Talk Of The Town Cartoons
September 22, 2021
Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake We’re used to seeing photos of cartoonists at their drawing boards, hovering over their work. But here are some photos taken last night of four New Yorker cartoonists (mostly) not sitting down, but standing up, doing stand-up, on stage, in front of their projected drawings. The occasion: “Funny On Paper;

Tuesday Spill: Daily Cartoonists & Cartoons: Video Of Interest: Victor Varnado; A 1939 Thumbnail Bio Of John Held, Jr.; “Get A Real Job” Podcast With Joe Dator
September 21, 2021
Daily Cartoonists & Cartoons Monday’s Daily Cartoonist: Kate Curtis, who began contributing to The New Yorker in 2016, on eating out again.   Tuesday’s Daily Cartoonist: Zoe Si, who began contributing to The New Yorker in February of 2020, on doorman & door-rodent. _________________________________________________________________ Video Of Interest: Victor Varnado Here’s a fun video from Victor Varnado, who began contributing his cartoons

Friday Spill: Bonus Cartoon Pad Podcast; Stand-Up (With Cartoons) Of Interest; Daily Cartoonists & Cartoons; Allenby Completes Her Walk Along The Continental Divide Trail; Interview Of Interest: Ali Solomon
September 17, 2021
Bonus Cartoon Pad Podcast The Pad‘s co-hosts, New Yorker cartoonists Bob Eckstein and Michael Shaw swipe at each other like kittens in this special, shorter bonus edition of the Pad.  Mr. Eckstein began contributing to The New Yorker in 2007; Mr. Shaw in 1999.  The duo announced that their next guest will be Mick Stevens*, who began contributing to The
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