Tuesday Spill: National Cartoonists Society Original Art Auction!; Book On The Horizon: Sofia Warren’s “Radical: My Year With A Socialist Senator”; Daily Cartoonists & Cartoons
October 26, 2021
  National Cartoonists Society Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary With An Auction Of Original Art/St. Jude Fundraiser. — The following from the NCS post: 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the National Cartoonists Society, and to celebrate this milestone, the NCS and the National Cartoonists Society Foundation have joined forces with Heritage and will be auctioning more than 150 works of art.

Thurber Thursday: Alarms & Diversions…An Abandoned Robbery Attempt; Fave Throwback Photo Of The Day: Some Very Funny Ladies
October 14, 2021
A summertime place we’ve stayed for years has had two Thurber books on its shelves forever. One is The Seal In The Bedroom, and the other is a 1964 paperback copy of Alarms & Diversions. This title always reminds me of a college-era abandoned theft attempt (by me) of that particular Thurber title.  My graphic account appeared in the Spring
Wednesday Spill: Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake; Talk Of The Town Cartoons
September 22, 2021
Fave Stand-Up Photos Of The Day: Chatfield, Campbell, Varnado, Flake We’re used to seeing photos of cartoonists at their drawing boards, hovering over their work. But here are some photos taken last night of four New Yorker cartoonists (mostly) not sitting down, but standing up, doing stand-up, on stage, in front of their projected drawings. The occasion: “Funny On Paper;
Weekend Spill: Latest Addition To The Spill Library…William Steig’s 1st Collection; The Latest Cartoon Pad Guest: Marisa Acocella; New ToonStack Posted
September 12, 2021
Latest Addition To The Spill’s Library…William Steig’s 1st Collection It’s taken awhile to get hold of a dust jacketed copy of William Steig’s very first cartoon collection, Man About Town but finally one has arrived here at Spill headquarters. Published in 1932 by Ray Long & Richard R. Smith; hard cover, unpaginated, on good paper stock that has held the
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