Wednesday Spill:
August 4, 2021
Catching Up On The Daily Cartoons   Stuff occasionally happens here that’s outside the ever-present world of New Yorker cartoons and cartoonists. This week I’ve been pre-occupied with Monday’s arrival at Spill headquarters of a dumpster. Right now it’s sitting out on the street within eyesight of where I work, almost begging me to continue filling it up. No worries:

Tuesday Spill: Humor From Bob Eckstein…”Love In The New Normal”
August 3, 2021
A long-held desire for Ink Spill has been the posting of contributions from my New Yorker colleagues. I’m pleased and grateful that Bob Eckstein — jack-of-all-cartoon-trades — has, in an Ink Spill first, contributed the following piece…                                            Love In

Monday Tilley Watch: The New Yorker Issue Of August 9, 2021; A Return To A Favorite Bookstore
August 2, 2021
The Monday Tilley Watch Takes A Glancing Look At The Art & Artists Of The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker The Cover: doggies looking at a biscuit The Cartoonists: Fifteen cartoons, fifteen cartoonists (the Spill counts duos, such as this week’s combo of Sophie Lucido Johnson and Sammi Skolmoski, as one cartoonist). No newbies. No collaborations (other than Johnson/Skolmoski)

Weekend Spill: Case For Pencils Spotlights Ali Solomon; The Latest ToonStack: “Grrrripes”; The Tilley Watch Online, July 26-30, 2021
July 31, 2021
Case For Pencils Spotlights Ali Solomon Jane Mattimoe’s fab Case For Pencils blog features Ali Solomon this week.  Ms. Solomon’s new book (shown here) is just out. Go here to see more of her work. Don’t forget to visit the Case For Pencils archive where you’ll find a spectacular line up of previously featured cartoonists.   _________________________________________________________________________ The Latest ToonStack:

Friday Spill: $5,000.00 For An Entire Run Of The New Yorker’s First Year…Deal, Or No Deal?
July 30, 2021
Yesterday I talked about scrolling through Ebay listings looking for unknown Thurber related materials (and materials connected with other New Yorker cartoonists as well). Another pastime of mine is scrolling through the AbeBooks site looking for anything odd/unknown/rare from The New Yorker. Recently I found something(s) rare… and expensive: an entire run of The New Yorker‘s first year collected in
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