Thurber Thursday: A Swedish Last Flower & So Much More; Opening Tonight!: Vornado & Company’s “Cartooning While Black”; Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon
July 15, 2021
  So Much To See I recently came across this Facebook page of Thurber photos while Thurber surfing on the www. I’ve never seen so many hitherto unseen (by me) Thurber covers before (there’s other stuff here too, but book jackets are in the majority). A real treat. Mixed in among the more familiar book jackets are plenty of foreign

Thurber Thursday: An 89 Year Old Tissue Paper Promo For “The Seal In The Bedroom”
May 6, 2021
I would say “just when I thought I saw everything” but I’ve finally learned I’ll never see everything. Below is one of those old new things that just keep turning up. Steve Stoliar, author of Raised Eyebrows, a must-read book for Marx Brothers fans, sent me this scan the other day: Mr. Stoliar came by the above fab tissue promo

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