Tuesday Spill: M. Bohanan, A 1927 New Yorker Cartoonist, Added To The A-Z; A National Cartoonist Society Reuben’s Video Of Interest; Daily Cartoonist & Cartoon
October 12, 2021
M. Bohanan, A 1927 New Yorker Cartoonist, Added to The A-Z
As so often happens when I’m looking for something in The New Yorker’s database, I find something else. Such was the case recently as I was wondering how many restaurant banquette drawings appeared in the magazine (obscure, I know). After the key search word “banquette” turned up nothing I began changing search words; eventually I saw an unfamiliar cartoonist’s name turn up in the results: M. Bohanan. A quick check on the database for the artist turned up just four drawings (cartoons): February 26, 1927; March 12, 1927 (shown above); April 30, 1927; July 9, 1927. After that July drawing, M. Bohanan’s work was never seen again the magazine. Adding to this little mystery, there’s nothing — nada! — online about the artist. If anyone out there can shed some light, please contact me. In the meantime, it’s always a small rush to add a “found” cartoonist to the A-Z.
Video Of Interest: The 75th NCS Reuben Awards
Go here to see this brief promotional video (thanks to the always fun Jason Chatfield for sending it this way).
Daily Cartoon and Cartoonist
Monday’s Daily is a duo effort from Asher Perlman & Navied Mahdavian. Mr Perelman began contributing to The New Yorker in June of this year. Mr. Mahdavian began contributing in February of 2018.
Monday Tilley Watch, The New Yorker Issue Of October 18, 2021
Wednesday Spill: Latest Addition To The Spill Archive: A 1945 Helen Hokinson Drawing
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