Weekend Spill: Moments From A 1972 Bound Volume Of New Yorkers
January 22, 2022
The latest addition to the Spill library arrived yesterday: a bound volume of New Yorkers, covering October-November 1972. I have a particular fondness for this era of the magazine because this was the period when I really began paying attention to the magazine’s cartoons. (I’d begun sending in batches of cartoons to the magazine in 1971 while still in high school. High hopes!). Studying each and every cartoon in newly arrived issues seemed to be one way to possibly crack The New Yorker‘s resistance to my work. As mentioned in earlier posts, the magazine didn’t crack until 1977.  
Here are a few random thoughts after going through the volume (previously part of the Louisville Free Public Library System). The first surprise was coming across a drawing by Peter Lippman, a name unfamiliar to me. I scurried to the Spill’s A-Z and found that this was Mr. Lippman’s first and last New Yorker appearance — a One Clubber!
I next paused — was startled really — by this full page drawing by Mischa Richter. Talk about filling the page…
Somewhere in one of the issues I came across this ad for a boxed set of E.B. White’s classic trio. It was so great seeing Edward Frascino’s name in the ad for his work illustrating White’s Trumpet Of The Swan (more about that in Edward Frascino’s Spill interview — see the link below). 
And finally — I could go on and on and on about what I found in this volume, but it’s time to return to 2022 — here’s an oddity (if The New Yorker‘s database is accurate): Warren Miller’s one-and-only New Yorker Rapunzel drawing (someone please correct me if this is wrong). I decided to show it today because of how Mr. Miller drew it and its placement on the page. I’ve never seen another Rapunzel drawing not show us the tower in its entirety (again, someone please correct me if there is another, or others not showing the entire tower). I love the creativity of both the cartoonist and the magazine’s lay-out person, Carmine Peppe. 
The  A-Z listings for the cartoonists mentioned in this post:
Peter Lippman 
New Yorker work: one drawing, October 7, 1972
Mischa Richter (photo above courtesy of Sarah Geraghty Herndon). Born, Kharkov, Russia, 1910. Died, March 23, 2001. New Yorker work: January 10, 1942 – January 20, 2003 ; Key books: This One’s On Me! (McGraw-Hill, 1945) , The Cartoonist’s Muse, co-authored by Harald Bakken (Contemporary Books, 1992). 
Ed Frascino Born, Bronx, NY. (“near the zoo”). New Yorker work: 1965 – . Collection: Avocado Is Not Your Color and Other Scenes of Married Bliss ( Penguin Books, 1983). Link here to The Edward Frascino Ink Spill Interview (November, 2020).
Warren Miller (photo by Liza Donnelly, NYC, Sept. 1997) Born 1936, Chicago, Ill. The following biographical information comes from The Phoenix Gallery site which hosted a group exhibit of NYer cartoonists work (Lorenz, Harris, Modell, and Miller) in 2007: “Warren Miller studied commercial and fine art at the American Academy of Art, Chicago. He started selling cartoons to Playboy and The New Yorker in 1961 and moved to New York City later that year. Miller’s work has also appeared in Esquire, Punch, Rolling Stone, Audubon, Harvard Business Review, Barrons, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and the London Sunday Times. Mr. Miller is a painter and a sculptor as well. He has exhibited his work in a number of shows in the New York area and in the Midwest.” Key collections: All Thumbs (Bobbs-Merrill,1967); Prince and Mrs. Charming (Bobbs-Merril, 1970). New Yorker work: 1959 -.
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