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NOVEMBER 22, 2021
Weekly Update — Board sharing permission improvements
Board sharing permission settings for secure collaboration
Collaborate with additional confidence on sensitive projects. Now board owners & co-owners on Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise Plan can withdraw editors’ permissions to change board access settings and invite other collaborators. This way they can proactively manage (and limit, if needed) who the board is shared with.
Visit the Help Center to learn more.
NOVEMBER 15, 2021
Weekly Update — Request Access Management improvements
Request Access Management improvements
We’ve made some enhancements and improvements to the way Company admins can automate requests from their end users for license upgrades. We have now extended this functionality to allow admins to configure for users to join an organization, or to join a team. To learn more about this feature, please visit the help center.
NOVEMBER 8, 2021
Weekly update – introducing app management in the admin console for Enterprise customers
App management in the admin console for Enterprise customers
It’s even easier to use and manage apps for your organization with the new App management section in the Enterprise admin console. With this new feature, company admins can now: 
Visit the Help Center to learn more about this new feature. 
NOVEMBER 1, 2021
Weekly Update — Miro for Webex, sharing links for templates, and more
Miro for Webex Meetings is here
All Webex users can now bring Miro into their Webex Meeting and brainstorm ideas, take notes, and visualize concepts. Work in real time using tools such as sticky notes, ready-made templates, and voting, without having to switch in and out of different apps. 
Read more about this exciting update and go deeper into how it works.
Sharing links for templates 🔗
Get set up and ready to collaborate in seconds. Sharing links creates a quick, easy, and secure way to direct users to specific Miro templates within your team’s natural workflow.
Visit the Help Center to learn more about sharing templates and let us know what you think in Miro Community
New templates added to Miroverse
Co-create solutions to the problems we all face with frameworks and ideas from our community of template creators. This month Miroverse brings you over 30+ new templates and introduces 20+ new creators — including crowd favourites from Distributed 2021, Miro’s third annual conference.
Here’s a few new templates we’re loving this week:
If you’re feeling inspired, everyone can contribute to our ever-expanding Miroverse world.
Bug fixes & other updates 
OCTOBER 25, 2021
Weekly Update - Advanced diagrams, stickers, new guest role, and more
More advanced diagrams with Miro Smart Diagramming
Available on Business and Enterprise plans. 
Miro Smart Diagramming is a more advanced set of tools — for users in our Business and Enterprise plans — that offers a lot more ways to align teams with a shared visual language.
With these known shape packs it’s going to be easier to communicate across different teams and even with clients in different industries.
Learn how you can utilize Miro for your next mapping and diagramming project with the new course “Mapping and Diagramming in Miro” or visit the Help Center to learn more about Miro Smart Diagramming.
Creating diagrams in Miro just got easier and faster
No matter what plan you’re on, creating diagrams in Miro just got a whole lot easier with faster shape creation, suggested corrections, and more background views. The powerful new diagramming library includes various shape and connector options. 
Learn how you can utilize Miro for your next mapping and diagramming project with the new course “Mapping and Diagramming in Miro” or visit the Help Center to learn more about these new features.
More fun ways to express yourselves with Stickers 
Our emojis app now also includes Stickers, giving you another way to react and share how you feel. 
We can’t wait to see all the different ways you use Stickers. Head to our community page to share your feedback or even submit your own stickers.
Introducing: a new guest role
Available for Miro Business and Consultant Plan, Beta
Whether it’s freelancers, contractors, agencies, or anyone outside your team, it takes a village to move projects from kickoff to completion. We’re making it easier and more secure to support external collaboration with a new role in beta: guests. It’s totally free and exclusively for our Business and Consultant Plan users.
We’ve also simplified our existing roles to empower collaboration at every level:
If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback share them in the Miro Community.
Additional capabilities for Company Admins to manage board access for non-team users
Available for Miro Enterprise only, Beta 
With this new feature, the responsibility of removing users from boards becomes more automated. Company admins can automate this in two ways:
  1. Setting an access expiration date for non-team users on all Enterprise accounts or
  2. Set Non-team users to automatically deactivate after 30 days of inactivity. 
If you’re interested in learning more please reach out to your CSM, or you can sign up for our beta
OCTOBER 18, 2021
Weekly Update — Improved Voting to easily involve teams, and more
Easily involve teams in decision-making with our improved Voting
Available on Education plan and all paid plans 
With Miro’s improved Voting app, we’ve made it easier and faster for meeting and workshop facilitators to get a sense of how the group feels about a variety of options.
Visit the Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think in the Miro Community.
Bug fixes & other updates 
OCTOBER 4, 2021
Weekly Update - New templates added to Miroverse, and more
New templates added to Miroverse
We spend much of our waking lives with coworkers, so connecting deeply at work plays an important role in our well-being. This month Miroverse brings you over 30 new templates and introduces 21 new creators, including three workshops from Dropbox that’ll help you improve team health and team effectiveness.
Don’t hesitate to share your own template and as always, we welcome questions, ideas, and feedback in theMiro Community.
Bug fixes & other updates 
SEPTEMBER 27, 2021
Weekly Update - Quick sign in to interactive displays, Splunk integration, and more updates to the Miro Admin console
Quick sign-in to interactive displays
Introducing a faster, more secure collaboration experience with Miro in the office. With our new, quick sign-in experience for interactive displays, you’ll be able to sign-in and launch boards from a personal device in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but with secure sign-out, your data will be protected, even on a shared device. Learn more.
Splunk integration (previously beta)
Available for Miro Enterprise only.
Customers can now login and install the app to collect Audit logs from their Enterprise Miro account to be directly ingested into Splunk SIEM. This allows company admins to have additional insights around user and security activity directly in their Splunk instance. Learn more about the Splunk integration. 
Updates to Miro Admin console - Permissions on who can create boards, templates or projects
Admins now have an additional section in the admin panel under Sharing, that will allow them to choose who can set up boards, projects and templates. This setting enables more security and controls around who’s creating boards, and how they are being shared and distributed around the team. Learn more.
SEPTEMBER 20, 2021
Weekly Update - Updates to Miro interactive displays and a new integration with Canvas LMS
Updates to Miro on interactive displays
With our improved app for Windows devices, you can draw, write, move objects around and work together seamlessly. To experience the new changes and set up Miro on your device, take the following steps:
Miro now integrates with Canvas LMS
Miro now integrates with Canvas, so that professors can:
To apply for the integration you must have an Enterprise account (discounted for EDU). Learn more about this integration.
Update to changes highlighting on Miro boards:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
Weekly update – integration with Microsoft Teams
Using Miro during Teams Meetings
Now, users can collaborate on a Miro board live during Microsoft Teams Meetings without switching between screens. Additionally, meeting organizers can embed boards and share them prior to the meeting with our Teams calendar integration. Learn more about our MS Teams integration.
Weekly update – Improvements to Miro’s apps and new Miroverse templates
Improvements to Miro’s apps 
See all Miro apps here.
New templates added to Miroverse
Unleash your creative potential with the latest Miroverse templates from the Miro community. This month Miroverse introduced 30 new templates and welcomed 19 new creators, including these innovative techniques: 
Discover how you can get your workflow, shared with the world.
AUGUST 30, 2021
Jira Cards update, and more
Enforce Jira Cards authentication with individual user credentials on your account
Starting August 26, 2021 Miro users of Jira Cards integration will have the option to enforce authentication with individual user credentials.
Before this update Jira Cards integration required the use of shared admin credentials to access it. With this release, we're making Jira Cards even more secure and delightful to use:
If they don't do anything between August 26 and January 18, using Jira Cards with individual credentials will be enforced on their account by Miro on January 18, 2022
Visit Help Center to learn more and install Jira Cards in the Miro Marketplace.
Team Management updates 
For Enterprise plan company admins, we have a few new updates that help company admins better manage their teams:
Bug fixes & other updates
Now when you convert Miro cards to Jira cards, we keep the assignee (of course, if there was one on the initial Miro card) to save you some much-needed time!
AUGUST 23, 2021
Weekly update – Introducing Miro Professional Network, and more
Introducing our Miro Professional Network 
Are you a freelancer, agency, or consultant looking for a way to boost your consultant-to-client relationships with Miro? Look no further than our Miro Professional Network, where we’re making it even easier for you to meet your clients’ goals and grow their businesses, with support to level up your skills, connect with a wider community, and be on the front line of innovation.
Join the Miro Professional Network to get: 
If you’re working with clients, apply here.
Two new features on the Enterprise Plan
Co-owner and new team creation flow are now available on the Enterprise Plan.
Preparing and facilitating workshops often requires collaboration with multiple people. Board owners on the Enterprise Plan now can assign co-owners so they can also hide frames, use master lock, control board sharing settings, and more. To allow end users to leverage this feature for their sync and async collaboration, company admins need to enable it for their org and specific teams. Learn more in our Help Center. Please, note, that with this newest update co-owner is now available on two Miro plans: Consultant and Enterprise.
Company admins are now able to clone the default settings of an existing team to create new teams. This will help replicate the desired best practice approach faster when scaling Miro usage across the org.
AUGUST 16, 2021
Weekly update – better license management for Enterprise Plan admins, and more
New Academy Course: meeting ready in 5 minutes
Take the new course to learn simple shortcuts that will help you create an interactive meeting board in less than 5 minutes! 
Go to Miro Academy to take the course. But wait, there's more...
Prefer a live training to get you up to speed? Our expert trainer can set you up for success for your next meeting. Register now!
Role and license management updates
Company admins will now be able to assign or change licenses for their users at the team level, instead of just at the company level. They will be able to assign a full license to a user, or change their user’s license to free restricted (flexible licensing plans only). This will make it easier and less cumbersome for admins to make changes.
AUGUST 9, 2021
Weekly update – exciting news for the Enterprise Plan customers, and more
Updates for the Enterprise Plan customers
Splunk integration – now available in beta
For customers that are using Splunk and Miro, we now have an integration that’s being enabled in beta that’ll allow users to ingest Audit logs through Splunk (SIEM) to have additional insights into their Miro activity. For more information, please get in touch with your customer success manager.
Audit log updates
Three new events are now available in audit logs: 1) files uploaded 2) files downloaded 3) boards exported. These are only enabled by request, please get in touch with your CSM to have these enabled, if interested.
Bug fixes and other updates
We are continuously working on making using Miro easier and more convenient for all our users. Today we have two small user experience updates that we hope will make your your worfklow more delightful:
AUGUST 2, 2021
Miro plugin for Figma update, and more
Miro plugin for Figma – now owned by Miro
Using both Miro and Figma? Try the Miro plugin for Figma (formerly known as Figmiro) to seamlessly import from Figma to Miro. Now that the plugin is owned by the Miro team, we think you'll love it. The Miro plugin for Figma lets you easily add Figma frames to Miro, giving Miro users that don't have access to Figma (or don't have any experience with it) the chance to provide feedback right in Miro and stay up to date with the latest design changes in Figma. The Miro plugin for Figma now supports SSO, which gives you more streamlined and secure authentication.
Install Miro plugin for Figma
Co-owner role & collaboration tools update
The new co-owner role is a board (and project) role that allows board owners to share responsibilities of preparing and facilitating live and asynchronous collaboration. Co-owners can perform almost all the actions available for board owner, from managing board settings to hiding and revealing content and setting passwords on public boards.
Now this role is available to all Miro users on the Consultant Plan, and is coming soon to the Enterprise Plan.
Moreover, board owners and co-owners on the Consultant Plan can now control the usage of board collaboration tools by setting who can start timer, voting, video chat, screen sharing and use attention management on a board. Visit the Help Center to learn more.
New templates added to Miroverse
Stay aligned and on top of meeting outcomes with the latest Miroverse templates from the Miro community. This month Miroverse welcomes over 30 new templates from 20 new creators, why not try:
Need help getting started? Read theHelp Center articles to learn more about Miroverse, profile pages, and how to get published.
JULY 26, 2021
Weekly update – Zoom integration, mandatory Password protection, and more
Meet the new Miro app for Zoom
Miro is now seamlessly integrated into the Zoom experience. That means less context switching and more collaborating. With the Miro app for Zoom, you get a canvas for co-creation on every meeting, making them more hands-on and productive. With the new app you can:
Read our blog post to learn more and our Help Center article for getting started.
Introducing the integration with Dialpad
We’ve partnered with Dialpad to offer Miro directly within Dialpad Meetings. It is available by default for all free users and available for download from the Dialpad App Marketplace for all Dialpad Meetings users on a paid plan.
Read Dialpad Help center article to learn more, and install the integration from the Dialpad marketplace.
Updates for the Enterprise Plan customers
This week we are announcing a few exciting updates for our Enterprise Plan customers that are primarily focused on elevating the admin experience:
SaaS Management integrations  Miro has partnered with Bettercloud, Productiv and Zylo to bring SaaS management integrations to Miro users. These integrations will allow admins to leverage their SaaS management platform to view information on Miro license consumption and activity. Read more here.
Available to Miro Enterprise customers and requires a subscription to Bettercloud, Productiv or Zylo to set up integration.
Introducing mandatory password protection for publicly shared boards  Miro administrators on the Enterprise Plan now have the ability to enforce mandatory passwords on all boards that are shared publicly. Learn more here.
Bulk select for user management Admins on the Enterprise Plan can now easily select up to 50 users at a time, allowing for easier management of users when deleting, deactivating or creating new teams.
Audit Logs Additional audit log events are now available. Under user management, admins can now determine if a user license has been converted to a free restricted license. Learn more about our audit logs in the Help Center.
Bug fixes & other updates
We changed the behavior for typing & editing texts in sticky notes, text field, shapes, and cards
Typing is now way quicker, but there's a change of pattern for hotkey users: to use hotkeys like S for adding new sticky notes or C for leaving a comment, you will need to make sure that none of the objects on the board are selected (if they are you'll type the letter instead of firing off a command with your hotkey)
JULY 19, 2021
Weekly update – Miro is now more accessible for screen reader users, and more
Making Miro more accessible for screen reader users
We are working on making Miro more accessible, and released the first significant bundle of product improvements for screen reader users. 
Screen reader users don’t need to take any additional steps to activate the accessibility functionality – when you open a Miro board with your screen reader, you will hear a prompt to activate screen reader mode. 
Now screen reader users can be invited to Miro boards – sign up & sign in are screen-reader friendly, it is possible to navigate through the Miro dashboard to open the required board, and the main types of board content such as frames, sticky notes, and shapes can now be accessed with the help of the screen reader. 
Please, note, that the flow described above works the best for:
All of the flows described above are currently only available on the desktop. 
The current solution is read-only making it possible for users to access existing board content with the help of the screen reader, and does not allow creating or editing content on Miro boards yet. 
We will continue working on making Miro more accessible, and are planning to support other possible setups in the future. 
Visit the Help Center and watch the product video to learn more, and let us know what you think in the Community!
Bug fixes & other updates
Did you know you can use Miro for in-person collaboration? Check out our newest Help Center articles to learn more about using up Miro on an interactive display:
JULY 12, 2021
Weekly update – board history available for Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plan users, and more
Board history is now available on Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plans
Imagine working on a massive Miro board with dozens of collaborators: sometimes your content can be accidentally moved around or deleted by others. 
Board history makes it possible to automatically save and recover versions of Miro boards enabling you to collaborate with additional confidence. 
Visit Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think in Miro Community!
Introducing Miro for Webex Messaging: embed Miro as a tab in Webex team space
All Miro and Webex users by default will now be able to add a Miro board as a tab to their Webex Messaging space from the Webex App Hub, right in your Webex team space.
With the new Miro app for Webex Messaging collaborators can:
Sign up to learn the latest about upcoming Miro for Webex Meetings and cross-device integrations.
JULY 5, 2021
Weekly update – Business Plan update, new Miroverse templates, and more
New templates added to Miroverse
Look alive, set the context, work together, and wrap up with Zoom.
Whether your next meeting is for two or two hundred people, bring the newly added Effective Meetings template by Zoom along to add structure and interactivity to every meeting.
From June’s community challenge you’ll find an abundance of retrospective templates, including: Clyde D'Souza’s​Retrospective in the Island of Golocans (Judge’s choice winner) and Steven Sampson-Jones' Marvellous Retrospective (People’s Choice winner)... and many more!
Don’t hesitate to share your own template and as always, we welcome questions, ideas, and feedback in theMiro Community.
Step into Business Plan, even as a team of 5!
As of today, we've expanded the minimum team size of Business Plan to help smaller teams meet their security needs.
Now you can reap the benefits of SSO, for added convenience and security. Get started with Business plan today, to be Enterprise ready in the future.
Now available for purchase by credit card or invoicing.
Bug fixes & other updates
Starting July 1, 2021 Google image search will be temporarily disabled in Miro. It will not affect any of the previously added images.
There are a few alternatives that can replace Google image search in your workflow for the time being:
Use Google image search in the browser, copy link to the image and paste in to your Miro board, or download the image to save it for later and re-upload it to the board when needed – whatever is more convenient for you
Use Miro integration with Unsplash – the functionality of this integration is very close to that of Google image search. The only difference is that you search and add images from the Unsplash website that offers free images and photos that you can download and use for any project
JUNE 28, 2021
Weekly update – the Miroverse & templates Community, and more
Azure DevOps integration updates
All Miro users on the Enterprise Plan now have access to the new & improved Azure DevOps cards picker
What’s new?
Users can now search for Azure DevOps work items more efficiently – we now support search across all fields, not just the title as before. It’s now also possible to use robust keyword search powered by Microsoft
We added the possibility to filter by project, assignee, type, area, and state, which unlocks advanced filtering of Azure work items in the Miro in-app picker for users
Visit Help Center to learn more about Azure Cards in Miro
Welcome to the Miroverse & Templates Community
We're launching a brand new section for the Miro Community to make it even easier for creators and community members to connect. 
In Miroverse & Templates Community, you can:
Join the Miro Community 
JUNE 21, 2021
Weekly update – introducing member trials on the Team Plan, and more
Introducing Member Trials
Collaborating in Miro should be easy and stress-free for new teammates and admins. That's why we're introducing Member Trials for all Team Plan members.
Seven days. Full access. Completely free. Your new teammates get instant collaboration while admins decide who gets added to the paid membership.
Here are some need-to-knows:
Easily import images with Miro’s mobile app
Now you can upload multiple images from your mobile camera roll and import them directly into your boards. Save time and collaborate faster with Miro. Download for iOS or Android.
JUNE 14, 2021
Weekly update – better experience with lasso tool in Miro tablet app
Making the Miro tablet app even better
We have improved the experience with using the lasso tool in Miro’s tablet app. Now you can seamlessly select objects with lasso.
Don’t have the Miro tablet app? Download for iOS or Android, and keep a lookout for more updates to come.
JUNE 7, 2021
Weekly update – new Miroverse templates, and more
New templates added to Miroverse
It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we released Miroverse into the world. Since then, we’ve seen more than 400 creators share their 600+ templates, including frameworks, activities even art! Go from idea to action with some of this month's new templates:
Discover all of the latest Miroverse templates from the Miro community or share your own and see what fellow visual collaborators do with it.
Participate in the retrospective templates challenge
We just kicked off Miro templates contest: How Do You Miro? Retrospective Templates Challenge.   This contest is all about reflection and learning. We’d love to see your favorite activities for looking back and envisioning the future, so please share your best retrospective examples with the community on Miro. 
Visit the community to learn more
Bug fixes & other updates
You can now create new teams on the Consultant Plan right from the dashboard. Visit the Help Center to learn more
MAY 31, 2021
Weekly update – meet the improved Miro’s mobile app
New improvements to Miro’s mobile app
Collaboration on the go with Miro, now made even better:
Don’t have the Miro mobile app yet? Download it for Android or iOS
MAY 24, 2021
Weekly update – instantly sign in to Miro with Slack links
Sign in with Slack Links
Slack recently released a new update that allows users to connect to select third-party services, including Miro, by using their Slack account.  If a user clicks a Miro board that has been shared in Slack, they will be prompted to connect their Slack account to an existing Miro account or to create a new one.
Existing Miro users can log in to Miro using Slack to authenticate and new Miro users can seamlessly create an account using their Slack credentials.
Connecting to Miro with Slack enables users to experience the features of the Miro app, including rich link previews, and configurable notification settings.  Note: This feature is being gradually rolled out by Slack and not available to all users yet.
MAY 17, 2021
Weekly update – changes for access-link integrations users
Important update for users of access-link integrations on the Enterprise Plan 
Miro integrates with Airtable, Bitrix 24, Coda, Confluence, Hopin, Jira, Livestorm, Microsoft Teams, Monday, Remo, RemoteHQ, Toasty, Trello, Whereby, and Butter using access links. 
It means Miro users with accounts in these services can embed Miro boards into all of these products for viewing and commenting. 
Now, if sharing boards via a public link is turned off on company or team level in the Miro account on the Enterprise Plan, boards embedded via access links will also be shared privately by default.
It means all Miro users in the account will need to sign in or sign up to Miro to view the embedded board (for example, on a Confluence page).
Also, end-users will see a notification letting them know boards can only be embedded privately in compliance with the settings you enforce for your organization.  
MAY 10, 2021
Weekly update – a new and improved templates library, and more
A new and improved home for all the Miro Templates
The templates library gets a fresh new look and feel, expanded categories, richer images, and a big ol' search bar at the top. We refreshed the templates library on the website so you can find the right templates for your team faster than ever.
Visit Miro templates library to see what's new.
New templates added to Miroverse
Discover the latest Miroverse profiles and templates from the Miro community. This month we’ve filled Miroverse with over 40 new templates, introduced 25 new creators, and redesigned the layout for profile pages so creators get a brighter spotlight, including:
Need help getting started? Read these Help Center articles to learn more about Miroverse, profile pages, and how to get published.
MAY 3, 2021
Weekly update – introducing reactions, and more
Introducing our new reactions feature
With the new reactions feature you can show it, rather than say it
We’ve listened to your feedback and learned that one of the biggest challenges teams face is how to build, and maintain engagement throughout meetings and workshops. That’s why we’re launching the reactions feature that can boost engagement during meetings and workshops by giving everyone a chance to express themselves. 
Reactions feature is available for all users and board owners will be able to turn the option off and back on.
Visit the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think in the Community
New Course on Miro Academy | Getting Started with Miro  
Long-term success starts with a good foundation. In this course, we’ll walk through the core skills to get you creating and collaborating in Miro. Learn how to navigate, create content, edit templates, build presentations, invite collaborators and teammates for asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. This course will have you taking full advantage of Miro!
Bug fixes & other updates
We optimized Miroverse search performance for faster results
APRIL 26, 2021
Weekly update – introducing the new Admin Insights dashboard on the Enterprise Plan, important accessibility updates, and more
Introducing the new Admin Insights dashboard (Enterprise Plan only)
Company Admins looking for more insight into Miro usage and adoption now have a new dashboard to view org-level analytics across users, boards, projects, and templates. Visit the Help Center to learn more.
New Miro desktop app version for Mac
Our Miro desktop app is now optimized for Macs with the new M1 chip processor. Update your app to get the best experience for your device. Not sure which version is right for you? Check out our Help Center article to learn more. Don’t have the app? Get Miro for your desktop here.
Suggest object size functionality available to all Miro users 
Suggest object size is a UX improvement designed to help users resize any object (including sticky notes, shapes, and frames) on their Miro board so that it matches the size of a similar object next to it. 
Bug fixes & other updates
We optimized dashboard loading speed for all Miro users
Accessibility updates
We have been focused on making Miro more accessible since the beginning of 2021. Today we are excited to share the first updates as we release the beta version of the following accessibility features:
All of the improvements described above are currently being tested with Miro users and leading UX & accessibility consultants, and our team will continue enhancing the existing functionality as well as adding new features to make our product even more accessible.
Visit Accessibility Statement page to learn more about Miro's accessibility efforts.
If you are interested in participating in the user testing phase of accessibility features, please, email us at
APRIL 12, 2021
Weekly update – likes, views, and copies for Miroverse, and more
Likes, views, and copies for Miroverse 
Publishing new templates is only the beginning—the exciting part is watching your ideas taking off! With this small- but-mighty update, see how the community is engaging with your template.
Visit the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think in the Community.
New templates added to Miroverse
Discover the latest Miroverse templates from the Miro community. This month we’ve filled Miroverse with almost 50 new templates from over 20 new creators. You can:
You can always share yours to see what fellow visual collaborators do with it.
Bug fixes & other improvements
Better text editing now available to all users
We just rolled out a UX improvement to our text widget. It doesn't have paddings and now you can (finally!) align text right & left. What else to know:
MARCH 29, 2021
Weekly update – the new improved timer, and more
New improved timer plugin with music 
Managing time and setting the right mood for your meeting can be challenging. With Miro’s improved timer you can do both at the same time, all with one plugin. Take control of your (virtual) meeting space and adapt where necessary to keep everyone on track, while hitting your meeting goals. 
The new plugin enables all users who are on Education, Team, Consultant, Business, or Enterprise plan to:
Visit the Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think in the community
Bug fixes & other updates
Now you can sketch and draw even faster, regardless of board or image size, with Miro’s tablet app. Download the app today to try it out.
MARCH 21, 2021
Weekly update – new features for the Enterprise Plan, and more
Frames improvements
Frames are an essential feature that helps structure your content on Miro boards. Here are the two of the most recent enhancements:
New Team-level sharing permissions (Enterprise Plan only)
As Miro usage scales within your organization, the need for more granular security settings increases. We released new Team-level security features to give you the control and flexibility needed to customize allowlists and sharing policies according to your teams' needs. This is particularly useful for companies working with external collaborators for use cases like workshops, agile ceremonies, and more. Read our Help Center to learn more.
Increased duration of session idle timeout (Enterprise Plan only)
Previously, the session idle timeout interval was set to 30 minutes. According to customer feedback, this duration may be too short and potentially disruptive for end users. We've increased the timeout interval to 90 minutes and are working towards allowing customizable intervals in the future. Read our Help Center to learn more. 
Updates to make Activity List in Miro more secure
Activity List in Miro helps track changes made to boards by editors. In our effort to make collaboration in Miro even more secure, we’re updating the permissions to ensure that Activity List is available for board collaborators with the right permissions. Here are the changes we introduced: 
MARCH 16, 2021
Introducing the improved tables functionality
Merge cells, copy from spreadsheets, and more!
Starting today the updated version of tables (formerly ‘grids’) is available to all Miro users. 
What’s new? 
MARCH 8, 2021
Weekly update – new Miroverse templates, Miro integration with Post-it®, and more
Keep good ideas going with Post-it® and Miro
Now, Post-it® App users can capture physical Post-it Notes and export them directly to Miro.
Visit the landing page, Help Center, and the blog to learn more – and let us know what you think in the Community!
New templates added to Miroverse
Still working from home? Discover how teams are continuing to get work done with the latest templates from the Miro community. 
With almost 50 new templates for you to use either individually or with your team, why not:
In case you missed it, last month TED shared how they drive product and design collaboration with their Virtual 5-Day Design Sprint Template.
Visit the Help Center to learn more about getting published in Miroverse
Miro links unfurling in Slack
Now when you share Miro board links in Slack they will include the board name, description, and board preview. Visit Help Center for more details
MARCH 1, 2021
Weekly update – the new templates experience, Confluence plugin update, and more
Meet the new templates experience with 60+ new designs
Starting today, you can easily browse our 150+ templates, including the best-in-class templates made by Miroverse creators.
The new template experience lets you:
Go to Miro Templates
Visit the Help Center to learn more andlet us know what you think in Miro Community.
Bug fixes & other updates
FEBRUARY 8, 2021
Weekly update – new Miroverse templates, and more
New Course on Miro Academy: Designing a Workshop
Running a successful workshop starts with good design. In this course, we’ll walk you through each step of the design process with strategies and real examples from the field by expert facilitators.
Learn how to develop action-oriented outcomes, create engaging activities to make the most of your workshop, meet the needs of your participants and maximize results. Take the course.
New templates added to Miroverse 
Our endlessly creative community of customers, partners, and experts, really love templates — so much that they create their own for you to use. 
This month we added over 40 new templates to Miroverse, including our newest Startup category:
If you’re feeling inspired, share your own and contribute to our ever-expanding Miroverse world.
FEBRUARY 1, 2021
Weekly update – access Miro from more of your favorite collaboration tools, and more
New Live Embed integrations
Make virtual meetings, workshops, or online events more interactive with instant access to Miro boards right within video and online event platforms like Livestorm and Hopin. 
Embed boards in your team’s favorite project management tools like Asana, ClickUp, and to make the outputs of brainstorms and planning sessions accessible to everyone and keep stakeholders aligned from idea through execution. 
Read the blog to learn more about the new partnerships or check out the Marketplace to see all the products with a native Live Embed integration.
Bug fixes & other updates
JANUARY 25, 2021
Weekly update – introducing the Flexible Licensing Program, and more
Introducing the Flexible Licensing Program
Available for Miro Enterprise only.
Easily scale Miro adoption risk-free with unlimited licenses every quarter. With no upfront commitments or retroactive charges, you control how quickly you need to grow. Read the blog post to learn more or contact us to see if FLP will fit your organization's needs.
Improved admin experience for new user invitations
This update only applies to customers who are currently enrolled in our Flexible Licensing Program (FLP).
This UI and tooltip copy update improves the clarity of what license types users will receive and which users will be affected.
Miro supports online hackathons and contests organizers
If you organize a remote hackathon, contest, or online challenge, you can apply for a free Miro account, to enable all your participants with comfortable space to collaborate and co-create together regardless of the time-zone or location.
Bug fixes & other updates
JANUARY 18, 2021
Weekly update – unDraw app, and more
Add helpful illustrations to your boards with the new UnDraw app
Install the new UnDraw app to create presentations, provide visual feedback or mark needed actions through beautiful illustrations. The app contains three collections of illustrations for actions, reactions, and presentations as well as multiple color options.
Bug fixes & other updates
DECEMBER 28, 2020
Weekly update – templates picker refresh, and more
Board content settings updates
Copy board functionality is now available to Free, Team, Business, Consultant, and Education Plan users (coming to the Enterprise Plan early 2021).
The option to allow copying boards from one account to another will be turned off by default for existing Miro users, and will have to be enabled by admins, if needed.
When the option to copy boards is turned on, all collaborators (including viewers, commenters, and guest editors) will be able to copy boards to their respective Miro accounts to use them as templates, or continue working on meeting artifacts
This update will also influence content download permissions. Now unregistered users (board viewers, commenters, and guest editors) will have no option to download assets from boards, as we want to provide advanced collaboration security and control over board assets. Please, let us know what you think about this update in the community.
This is the last Changelog update in 2020. Thank you for using Miro, and helping us make our product better every day. See you in 2021 – can't wait to share the new & exciting features we prepared for you!
Bug fixes & other updates
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing the new templates experience in select customer accounts. Learn more in the Miro Community.
DECEMBER 21, 2020
Weekly update – integration with Google Calendar, and more
Introducing Miro for Google Calendar
The Miro for Google Calendar Chrome Extension takes the stress out of meeting setup for organizers and gives participants the access they need to make meetings more productive. Use the new extension to add Miro boards to any Google Calendar event in just a few clicks and ensure meeting participants have the appropriate view, comment, or edit access ahead of time, so meetings go off without a hitch.  
Read the blog to learn more and Help Center article for installation instructions.
Automate and manage Miro requests using your request management workflows
Available for Enterprise Plan.
To reduce admin overhead, we’ve released a new Request Management configuration in the Account Security settings. Currently, any time a new user requests access to Miro or to upgrade their license, an email notification is sent to the Company Admin.
Now, Company Admins can configure the way they will be notified of these requests and may choose from three options:
1. Send a standard email notification to admins (existing feature)
2. Redirect the requester to a service desk (new)
3. Automatically convert their request into a ServiceNow ticket (new)
To learn how to use these new configurations, check out our Help Center article
Process internal chargebacks with new SCIM attributes
If you’re currently using SCIM to manage user provisioning and deprovisioning for Miro, we’ve added support for six new attributes to give you access to more detailed information on which parts of the organization or cost centers users belong to. 
The new attributes include:
For more information about these new attributes and other features currently supported through SCIM, please see our updated Help Center article
Coming soon: increase meeting engagement with Guest Editor access to collaborative apps
To give guests more opportunities to participate during meetings and workshops in Miro, we will be releasing an update soon to grant Guest Editors the ability to access collaborative apps that are installed on the board.
Currently guests can see these apps that are installed, but are not able to use them without registering for an account. With the upcoming change, Guest Editors will be able to use collaborative apps as they do the other tools on the board.
Note, collaborative apps are a subset of apps available to users. These are plug-ins that only interact with objects on the board and meant to encourage engagement during synchronous sessions. They do not access any data that lives outside the board or in other systems.
Bug fixes and other updates
Deleted content recovery is now available to all Miro users. Visit Help Center to learn more.
DECEMBER 14, 2020
Weekly update – deleted content recovery coming soon to all Miro users
Deleted content recovery functionality to be added to Miro shortly
Select Miro users currently have beta access to recovering recently deleted content on their boards. This feature is coming soon to all Miro users.
It allows users to recover accidentally deleted board content, and is accessible via the Activity list.  
The primary use case for this feature is enabling users to recover accidentally deleted content on the board without having to contact Miro support.  It is especially convenient for big collaborative boards with multiple collaborators. 
Stay tuned for updates via What's new in-product and the changelog to learn when it becomes available to all users, and what the functionality and scope of the feature is.
DECEMBER 7, 2020
Weekly update – new Miroverse templates, mind map updates, and more
New templates added to Miroverse 
We added 52 new templates to Miroverse, including templates to wrap up the year and create that festive vibe:
If you’re feeling inspired, everyone can contribute to our ever-expanding Miroverse world.
Mind map updates
Now you can hold CMD or CTRL button to stop auto-reassign of mind map nodes, if you want to have more precise control over your mind map.
Users that haven't tried this feature yet, will see a hint about it.
Bug fixes and other updates
We increased grace period for charge attempts on Team, Business, and Consultant Plans from 7 to 14 days, to make sure our customers have enough time to update their billing details, if necessary, while their account stays active for two weeks.
NOVEMBER 30, 2020
Weekly update – cards just got a major facelift, and more
Meet the new Miro card
Card is a versatile board object our customers use in user story mapping and Kanban interactive frameworks as well as for aggregating and storing content, such as user research interviews and insights.
Cards are almost as easy to use as sticky notes, and are much more flexible and powerful at the same time.
The good news this object just received a major facelift, and is now even easier and more intuitive to use.
Bug fixes and other updates
Domain whitelist has been renamed to domain allowlist. Functionality remains the same. Visit our Help Center to learn more
NOVEMBER 23, 2020
Weekly update – learn how to use the updated pen tool
Watch the new pen tool video
Ever wanted to see presets, lasso, highlighter, and smart drawing in action? We prepared a product demo video using Apple iPad and Apple Pencil that will give you a complete overview of everything our updated pen tool is capable of.
Open Youtube to watch the video
NOVEMBER 16, 2020
Weekly update – do something .new with Miro, Atlassian Smart Links, and more
Do something .new with Miro shorcuts
Using Miro just got simpler and more fun with these three easy-to-remember shorcuts powered by Google. Simply open your browser and type:
Embed Miro boards in Confluence and Jira with new Atlassian Smart Links
Link to, preview, or embed your Miro boards directly on your Confluence pages and Jira tickets with the new Atlassian Smart Links functionality. 
To add a Miro Smart Link, simply paste your board URL link on a Confluence page or Jira ticket or type “/link” to insert. Once pasted, you can display the board as one of three options:
Note: The board permissions are what is set in the board sharing settings. 
Embed live Miro boards in
Use the new Miro Live Embed integration to instantly access and collaborate on Miro boards from right within your projects. 
With Miro's Live Embed you can access boards as a unique project “View” to:
Visit the Apps Marketplace to install the integration.
NOVEMBER 9, 2020
Weekly update – visualizing ideas on touch devices faster than before, and more
Pen tool updates
Here are the new cool features we’ve added to our Pen tool:
Visit Help Center to learn more, and Miro Community to let us know what you think
Fill card background functionality
Miro Cards are a powerful solution for light-weight project management, documenting user research insights, user story mapping, and more.
The good news is that we recently shipped one of the top-requested updates: now you can pick and fill the card background with the color of your choice to up your color-coding game.
NOVEMBER 2, 2020
Weekly update – integration with Adobe XD, and more
Over 50 new Miroverse templates
Visually engage your audience with our Newly Added community templates. 
Discover templates covering a range of new activities. Explore space-themed virtual events, navigate intense change, discuss work life impact, and more. This month's templates will get your project moving and creativity flowing.  
Meet the new Adobe XD for Miro integration
The new Adobe XD for Miro integration enables designers to share and collaborate on Adobe XD designs and prototypes in Miro boards.
You can embed the specific artboards you want to share, set link sharing permissions to embed public and private links, and easily sync any updates made in XD.
Read the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think in the Community.
Team discoverability by domain now available for all Miro users
Let people from your company easily find and join existing teams in Miro – now available on all plans. 
If team admin makes the team discoverable for users with the same domain, they will be able to join it either when registering in Miro, or by clicking the plus icon on the left sidebar of the dashboard.
Visit Help Center to learn more, and, please, let us know if you have questions or feedback in the Community.
Quickly find users during collaborative sessions
We added the ability to search for specific users during collaborative sessions. It is especially helpful when you're working in Miro with 4+ people in real-time, and want to start following them or need to bring them to the specific area of the board.
Bugs & other updates
OCTOBER 26, 2020
Weekly update – enhanced interactive meetings & workshops experience in Miro, and more
Better interactive meetings and workshops in Miro
Since the beginning of this year, we've been committed to helping our users put an end to unproductive meetings.
In case you missed any of the updates, we prepared a round up of the most exciting features, such as hidden frames functionality, protected lock, and more.
Visit the blog to read the product update and watch the video on Youtube to keep up with everything that we've shipped.
Unlock everything on the board (when needed!)
From now on you can unlock all elements on the board with just one click. There are 2 ways how to do that: Option 1 You can go to the dropdown menu of the locked element and choose 'Unlock all'
Option 2 You can right-click on the board and choose the 'Unlock all' option in the dropdown menu
Have feedback? Visit Miro Community to share it with us.
OCTOBER 19, 2020
Weekly update – the new Clusterizer app, and more
Instantly create affinity clusters with the Clusterizer app
Instantly make sense of your brainstorms and sticky note exercises with the new Clusterizer app. The app automatically affinity-clusters your tagged stickies and cards to help you locate related items - revealing your underlying concept network. Think of it as reverse mind mapping.
The Clusterizer app can help you:
Meet Miro Experts Directory
We are introducing Miro's network of hand-selected consultants and agencies that can help you solve your toughest challenges. Visit Miro Experts page to add the best creative and strategic minds to your next project.
OCTOBER 12, 2020
Weekly update – more mind map features, live embed, new Miroverse templates, and more.
Share boards anywhere with new Live Embed code
With Miro’s new Live Embed code you can embed your boards into other websites or applications and collaborate with your partners, colleagues, and clients right within any interface that supports iFrames.
Now you can:
For more information on embedding boards and using the new Live Embed code read our Help Center article
Exciting new Mind Map features
Have you ever wanted to visualize an org chart using Miro? Or wanted to explain complex concepts using our mind map tool?
Now you can create horizontal or vertical mind map and change its style using the toolbar – you decide what works better for you. And use nodes linking functionality to show dependencies between ideas in your mind map. 
Even better meetings with Protected Lock
Available for Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise Plan.
Now board owners can designate whether items they lock can be unlocked by anyone or only by them. Protected Lock is ideal for those who design and facilitate interactive meetings and workshops in Miro.
New templates added to Miroverse
We added 58 new templates to Miroverse and introduced a few new categories to help you navigate all of the great content:
Discover how you can get your workflow, shared with the world.
OCTOBER 5, 2020
Weekly update – new mind map feature and content, and more
Mind Map updates
Mind map is one of the most popular and useful interactive templates in Miro loved by thousands of our users. Today we’re happy to announce a couple of exciting updates – and there will be more coming soon, so stay tuned!
Now you can reassign nodes easier than before and can finally do it on touch devices. Simply drag a node to a new place to reassign it. Previously, users needed to press Cmd or Ctrl to to reassign nodes which made this feature less accessible and easy to use. 
One more update – we just released our Quick guide to mind mapping. Check it out and share it with your team.
Quickly find brand assets with the new Brandfetch app
Brandfetch is the go-to-place to source digital brand assets. With their new app for Miro, you can enter a company name and instantly get its corresponding brand assets to include in your boards. Quickly find up-to-date logos, colors, fonts, and images to add to your wireframes, client presentations, mood boards, and more.
Bug fixes & other updates
Protected lock (currently in beta) has been released to all Consultant Plan users.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
Weekly update – meet Miro Startup Program and more
Apply for Miro Startup Program now
Miro Startup Program is here to help early-stage startups get their business off the ground. Eligible applicants will get $1000 in credits towards Team Plan and benefit from unlimited boards and a full suite of paid Team Plan features.
Visit our blog to learn more and apply.
Better discoverability of recently installed apps
We launched new tooltips for apps you install from Miro Marketplace. This way every time you add a new app to your toolbar, we'll help you immediately see what was added – to make adopting apps build by Miro and our developer community easier .
SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
Weekly update – password protection for public boards coming to all self-serve plans, desktop app updates, and more
New hide and reveal setting for frames
Available for Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise Plan.
Have you ever struggled with participants getting lost or distracted by content on the board? Do you hesitate to share boards ahead of time because it might spoil the surprise?
Board owners can now control the visibility of frames. Hide content in frames so that it stays private until the right moment to share it. Stay in control of when content is revealed on the board so you can set the stage, design meetings and workshops step-by-step, and maintain a private space on your boards.
Visit Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think about this feature in Miro community.
Desktop app updates
Exciting Miro desktop app updates available to all Miro users:
Visit Miro apps page to download desktop app and let us know what you think about these updates in Miro Community.
Password protection for public boards is now available on more plans
Last week we released optional password protection for public boards to Team, Business, Consultant, and Education Plan users. This feature is also available on the Enterprise Plan.
With this feature, we added a new layer of security to your public boards. Share your Miro boards via a public link for viewing, commenting, or editing, protect them with a password, and enjoy seamless and secure collaboration.
Visit Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think about optional password protection in Miro Community.
SEPTEMBER 14, 2020
New Miroverse templates and categories, and more
New templates added to Miroverse
We added 35 new templates to Miroverse and introduced a few new categories to help you navigate all of the great content:
Team Plan billing updates
We changed the way we charge for the new seats added during the subscription billing period on the Team Plan. This change will make our billing infrastructure more stable and scalable, and billing experience – easier and clearer for our customers.
We used to take payment for new team members at the end of the month (e.g. if you added new team members on the 14th of the month, we would charge you for additional team members on the last day of the same month).
Now we are changing that to be the same as date as the day when you subscribed to Miro. For example, if you subscribed on September 10, 2020, your team members' payment date wil be the 10th of the month. If you invite a new team member on September 14, 2020, will charge you for this user for the first time on October 10, 2020.
If you have feedback, questions or suggestions about any of these features, please, visit Miro Community to let us know what you think.
Weekly update – new sticky note colors & emoji app, Atlassian security self-assessment, and more
Adding more color and emotion to your team collaboration
Both of these updates are available to all Miro users.
Visit Help Center to learn more, and let us know what you think about these updates in Miro Community.
Miro just passed the Atlassian security self-assessment
Our team just passed the Atlassian security self-assessment for this year.
All our applications in the Atlassian Marketplace (Miro for Confluence, Miro for Jira Cloud, and Jira Cards by Miro) are now marked with a special label to reflect this update.
New integrations with MeetButter, Toasty, and ClickUp
Our partners are helping us use Miro in more creative and productive ways. Now you can:
Have questions or feedback about these updates? Visit the Community to let us know what you think!
AUGUST 31, 2020
Weekly update – confirmation modal to prevent accidental content deletion
Confirmation modal to prevent accidental content deletion
Now, when you select all of the content from your board (containing more than 100 widgets) and try to delete it, you will see a confirmation modal. Our team hopes this will help our users prevent accidental content deletion.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
AUGUST 24, 2020
Weekly update – performance improvements, marketplace search, and more
Better performance across the board
Miro team continues investing in our app performance as we believe it is one of the key factors influencing user experience.
We anticipate that these improvements will help create a delightful experience for all Miro users, especially those, who regularly create, duplicate, or delete boards, switch between projects, and search for specific content.
Here are some recent highlights:
Improved dashboard loading time for users with multiple accounts and boards
One minor yet noticeable improvement that comes with faster dashboard loading time is that it prevents misclicks when you go back from board to dashboard to open a different board.
Optimized switching between projects.
Previously, some users reported experiencing a 2-second lag when switching between different projects on the dashboard and were unsure if the project they selected started loading. This lag has been reduced – now users immediately see the name of the project they want to switch to.
Faster board creation, duplication, and deletion for bigger accounts
Now you can create boards faster – we optimized new board creation from the dashboard as well as introduced shortcut helping save time every time you feel the need to start a new Miro board.
Duplicating and deleting boards from the dashboard also got noticeably faster.
We also enhanced the responsiveness of the board details window and updated its user interface.
Better search
Now search queries are typically processed in less than one second. Previously, queries could take up to three seconds to process.
Use search in 'More apps' to discover new ways to use Miro
Discover apps, plugins, and integrations developed by Miro and third-party developers faster with in-product search. Simply click on the three dots at the bottom of the toolbar and type the name of the app you are looking for:
AUGUST 17, 2020
Weekly update – better mind map resizing, displaying voting results on the board, and more
Resizing mind map just got easier
Using mind map in Miro to capture, organize, and structure your ideas? Resizing it just got easier. Simply press 'Shift' and select your mind map using mouse or touchpad and adjust its size as needed.
See voting results right on the board
Introducing a much-requested addition to voting functionality – now you can see voting results right on the board, making it easier to sum up and review brainstorming results with your team.
Create as many teams as you need right from the dashboard
Now all Free, Team, Business, Consultant, and Education Plan users (including those who were invited to join an existing team) can create new paid self-serve teams right from the dashboard, regardless of the number of teams they already have.
Please, note: you won’t be able to create a new team if it is prohibited by an Enterprise account in your domain (see Domain Control for details).
Bug fixes & other updates
You can now access Miro Academy from in-product guide.
AUGUST 10, 2020
Weekly update – create new boards faster than ever, and more
Use to create new boards in a matter of seconds
Save time with an action-based link powered by Google. is an easy-to-remember shortcut that enables you to create new Miro boards right from your browser address bar in a matter of seconds.
Visit Help Center to learn more.
See how many collaborators follow you on the board
Now you can see how many users are following you in the cursors tracking panel when you use 'Bring to me' funcationality from our Attention Management facilitation features set.
AUGUST 3, 2020
Weekly update – enhanced integration with Asana, sharing boards company-wide, and more
Import Asana tasks faster with the new search option
There’s now an easier and more flexible way to find tasks that you want to import from Asana into Miro, using the new search option in the task picker. 
After selecting the project you want to import tasks from, use the search field to type in terms that may be found in the task name you are looking for. Relevant tasks will be returned as you search.
Note: Currently you can only search by Task name and not other fields like assignee or status or words found in the task comments or description. 
Build transparency by sharing boards company-wide
Available for Enterprise Plan only.
There are several ways to share Miro boards as a Miro Enterprise user. With this new sharing setting, you can promote knowledge sharing and transparency by sharing boards with Miro users across multiple team workspaces. Set company-wide view/comment access in the sharing window located within a board.  Use this feature to share boards that contain company OKRs, org charts, onboarding resources, and more.Visit our Help Center to learn more.
Bug fixes & other updates
Optional password protection for public boards is now available to select users on the Team, Business, Consultant, and Education Plans. Visit Help Center to learn more.
JULY 27, 2020
Weekly update – password protection for public boards, updated Education Plan landing page, and more
Password protection for boards shared via a public link
Available on the Enterprise Plan. Coming soon to the Team, Business, Consultant, and Education Plans.
Organize your remote meetings and workshops in a matter of minutes or collaborate with partners and clients asynchronously with an additional layer of security to ensure your public boards are shared with the right people.
Optional password protection is a solution for users who need to share their Miro board for viewing, commenting, or editing and want to ensure that:
Visit Help Center to learn more.
Switch from credit card to online invoicing on Team and Business Plans
Great news for our Team and Business Plan users! If you are purchasing a yearly subscription for the Team Plan starting from 10 seats or the Business Plan, you now can change the payment option from credit card to the online invoice.
Visit Help Center to learn more.
Miro has updated Education Plan landing page
Miro's got you covered while preparing for the new academic year. With our online collaborative whiteboard students and faculty get work done remotely and work with classmates and colleagues from anywhere outside of the school or classroom.
With the updated navigation and structure of the landing page, it's now easier to find the right Miro solution for the student, educator, or the entire campus.
Miro for education:
Visit the landing page to learn more about Miro offer for education.
If you are already using Miro for education - share your stories or questions in our online community!
JULY 20, 2020
Weekly update – Miro Live Embed, updated Guest Editors functionality, new cursors, and more
Access Miro from your favorite tools with Live Embed
Miro Live Embed extends the power of Miro to the apps you rely on every day, so you can create, share, and edit live boards directly in your team’s preferred collaboration tools. 
You can instantly turn conversations in Microsoft Teams into interactive brainstorms, share live user journey maps in Jira issues, lead whiteboard activities in Whereby video calls, and much more. 
Read our blog and watch the video to learn more or visit the Marketplace to explore all the apps that support Live Embed.
Want to leave feedback? Let us know what you think in Miro Community!
Anonymous Guest Editor functionality updates
Important updates for everyone using anonymous Guest Editors
Now Guest Editors cannot:
Chrome search extension for Miro
The Chrome Search Extension for Miro helps you perform a quick search for Miro boards right from your browser address bar.
The extension is a really lightweight way to get to the exact board you need, at the moment you need it, in just a couple of keystrokes.
New team selection for templates
From the Miro Template Library and Miroverse, you can now choose the team you want to use this template with while on the site.
No more overlapping templates
Previously, when users added multiple templates to the board, the content could occasionally overlap, and templates were added on top of each other. We fixed this UX issue – now you can add as many templates as you need while preparing your board for the next collaborative session with your team.
New cursors
Miro cursors just received a major facelift. Here's a quick recap of everything we updated:
Bug fixes & other updates
The Template Picker now loads faster for Enterprise Plan customers with Custom Templates – the opening time decreased from 10 to 3 seconds.
JULY 13, 2020
Weekly update – create better wireframes, improved guidelines for publishing apps in Miro Marketplace, and more
Create wireframes in Miro quicker than before
Miro’s updated Wireframing functionality enables you to create simple low-fidelity prototypes of website pages and product screens in a matter of minutes – even if you don't have much design experience.
We refreshed the component library – added new device types, interactive UI components, and a searchable built-in icon library.
Visit Help Center and watch the video to learn more, and let us know what you think in Miro Community.
More intuitive voting
Now it's easier to understand what you can vote for in Miro – we show 'plus' icons when the voting session starts. All that is left to do – pick the objects on the board you want to vote for.
A more streamlined process for adding apps to Miro Marketplace
Our team has updated the Getting published in Miro Marketplace section of our website to make sure developers clearly understand how to create an app that will be the best fit for Miro Marketplace, get the design approved, and comply with security guidelines. Check it out and visit Developer Forum to give us feedback, ask questions, and network with fellow developers.
Getting started with sticky notes just got easier
We added a hint 'Double click to type' for first-time Miro users – it is shown when you hover over your first three sticky notes created in Miro.
JULY 6, 2020
Weekly update – adding columns and rows to Grids just got easier, updated voting, and more
Add new columns and rows to Grids quicker than before
New UX improvement to Miro Grids – now you can add new columns and rows to the Grid anywhere you want (previously it was only possible to add new rows at the bottom and new columns – on the right side).
Watch the video and read the blog post to learn more about Grids, and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Set up voting in advance
Now you can set up voting ahead of time to save time during online meetings and workshops while making them more engaging and interactive.
Prepare your voting session as you normally would (select its duration, decide how many votes per person you want to allocate, pick the voting area and types of objects your collaborators can vote for). After that, click on 'Save to vote later' and come back to your voting session when its time comes.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Never miss voting or video chat session on your board again
Collaborators in Miro now see prominent push notifications when voting or video chat session is started by someone on the board. This way they will never miss an important collaborative activity.
JUNE 29, 2020
Weekly update – integration with Whereby, highlighting text in Grids, and more
Highlight text in Grids
We added a new feature to Grids: now it's possible to highlight text in cells to emphasize what's important and make content easy to read and interact with.
You can either highlight only the selected text in an individual cell or select whole rows and columns and apply highlighting to all of the content in them.
Watch the video and read the blog post to learn more about Grids, and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
New tooltip in sticky notes
Now you will get notified when font size in sticky notes changes from the one you selected to 'Auto' – this happens when we need to make the font size smaller to ensure you can continue typing without interruption.
Use Miro together with Whereby
We partnered with Whereby to enable everyone who uses this product to start a whiteboard session in Miro from any video meeting without the need to register or sign in to Miro.
Learn more from What’s new on Whereby: June 2020 blog post.
Bug fixes & other updates
Learn how our product team is evolving the product roadmap in response to recent changes in user behavior from our new blog post.
JUNE 22, 2020
Weekly update – Distributed 2020, enhanced flow for adding mind map to boards, and more
Registration open for Distributed 2020
We opened registration for our annual virtual conference that we organise to help teams adapt, evolve, and thrive.
Save your free spot today not to miss sessions by Hiten Shah (Co-founder & CEO, FYI), Brian Crofts (CPO, Pendo), Elisa Rossi (Head of Growth, Remote), and other great speakers.
Visit Distributed 2020 landing page to learn more and join Miro Community to let us know what you want to see! We’ll make sure we incorporate the most common requests into our program.
New resource for product teams on the Miro website
Evaluating Miro for your product team or want to recommend it to a co-worker or friend? Check out the all-new landing page to learn about the most relevant Miro templates and features.
Easier flow for adding mind maps to your boards
Now, when adding a new mind map to your Miro board, you will see the mind map icon –making it easier to understand where exactly you will position the widget.
JUNE 15, 2020
Weekly update – new Grids features, Jira cards available for Jira Data Center, and more
Do even more with Grids
We added two features that were consistently requested by Grids users since launch on May 19, 2020:
Watch video and read blog post to learn more about Grids, and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Updated Miro app for Slack
Does your team use Slack? If the answer is 'yes', we are excited to let you know you can now create and share new Miro boards using the new shortcut without leaving Slack.
Visit Help Center to learn more.
Planning Poker App
We recently added a new Planning Poker app to help facilitate remote agile planning and estimation, created by 
Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating effort or relative size of development goals in software development. In planning poker, members of the group make estimates by playing numbered cards face-down, instead of speaking them aloud.
The planning poker app includes:
Live Miro boards in RemoteHQ
Teams that use RemoteHQ, a virtual office and collaboration workspace for teams, can now launch and access live Miro boards directly from within their virtual rooms.
With the new Miro app within RemoteHQ, your team can instantly:
Use filter to select the right objects on canvas quickly
Now you can select all objects on canvas and filter them by type (e.g. sticky notes, shapes, text, and more) to move or change them quickly.
Try video chat, timer, and voting free
All Free Plan users now can use built-in video chat, timer, and voting for free for 14 days. They are available in the collaboration toolbar in the lower left corner.
These features are especially useful for running online meetings and workshops in Miro.
Bug fixes & other updates
JUNE 8, 2020
Weekly update –  enhanced Miro academy experience, and more
Enhanced Miro Academy experience
Use your Miro credentials to log in to our updated Miro Academy to learn best practices, train your team at scale, and be confident you’re getting the most out of Miro. 
We currently offer five courses:
All of the courses are available to users across all Miro plans.
Go to Miro Academy now.
Team Plan now available for purchase for teams of 2+ members
Miro users from teams with 2 members and more can now take advantage of our most popular paid plan – it was previously available for teams of 5+ members.
Visit pricing page to learn more about Miro plans.
JUNE 1, 2020
Weekly update – community templates gallery, new board sharing window, integration with Coda, and more
Explore Miroverse, the new Community Templates Gallery
Miroverse is our new Community Templates Gallery, giving all Miro users a platform to share their proven workflows, projects, and frameworks with the world. To kick things off, we've collected boards from 50 Miro power users into a single, searchable place so you can:
To highlight just a few of our favorites, get started by exploring Shishir's Guide to Whiteboard Framing, Julia Cowing’s UX Research Question Board, Xero’s Service Blueprint Workshop, or AJ&Smart’s Lightning Decision Jam.
Read our latest blog post to learn where it all began or dive into the details in our Help Center articles.
New board sharing window
We updated our sharing window look and feel with a streamlined design to showcase different sharing options. The new sharing window is optimized for a variety of viewports across popular devices.
What else is new?
Miro + Coda = better together
We're excited to share our latest addition to the Miro Marketplace and latest product to support a live embed experience of Miro: Coda.
With live embed, teams will be able to create and access their Miro boards in the context of their meeting notes, project plans, and other team documentation kept in Coda.
In addition to the integration, the Coda team has also published some best practice document templates where Miro boards can be embedded.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Auto layout
Align and distribute widgets on your Miro boards quicker than before with auto layout:
  1. Select the widgets you need to align
  2. Click on the grey icon in the upper right corner and drag it horizontally
Please, note, that this feature currently doesn't work in Grid cells.
Bug fixes & other updates
Even better app performance
Our team is constantly working on enhancing Miro performance. In the light of recent improvements, we updated our Technical Guidelines in Help Center with information about the largest seamless collaborative session and recommended number of simultaneous collaborators on one board.
Demo boards for paid plan users
Users of Team, Business, and Consultant Plans now have access to demo boards showcasing features that become available as a result of an upgrade.
Updated Terms of Service
We updated our Terms of Service for self-serve users. Learn more here.
MAY 25, 2020
Weekly update – duplicate sticky notes at the speed of light, more powerful dashboard search results, and more
Duplicating sticky notes just got faster. Much faster.
A real game changer for all sticky note lovers out there – now you can create a new one while you're still typing using CMD/CTRL+D or TAB
Share, rename, move boards and more – all of this right from the search results on the dashboard
Starting today all Miro users are able to perform key actions with their boards right in the search results on the dashboard.
The menu with all options will open up when you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the board preview.
Need to share a link to your board quickly without opening it? Want to rename your board or duplicate it in a matter of seconds? All of this will be available right on your fingertips right in search results.
Use this feature together with search filters to streamline board organization –  for example, you can now filter boards by owner and move them to an account or project quicker than before.
Better content copying and pasting between frames
We enhanced user experience with copying and pasting content between frames:
You will find this functionality especially helpful, if you use Miro for presentations.
Bug fixes & other updates
MAY 18, 2020
Weekly update — better facilitation for remote workshops and meetings, visual tables, and more
Organize better workshops and meetings with Attention Management
Attention Management is a powerful facilitation feature for remote meetings and workshops. It allows meeting organizers and workshop facilitators to guide participants and ensure everyone is following and engaged. 
This feature is especially important for facilitating massive workshops with dozens of participants because it helps direct their attention to the area of the board where collaboration is happening at a particular moment.
Bring to me
Easily bring all collaborators to the area of the board you want everyone to focus on with ‘Bring to me’ functionality. Available on Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plans.
Once you bring all of the participants to the particular area of the board, we enable auto-following, which means that all of the collaborators will be seeing exactly the same content as you.  
If you notice that someone accidentally got lost on the board, it’s possible to direct collaborators back to the focus area one by one. Available on all plans. We proactively notify all collaborators when ‘Bring to me’ functionality is used which helps ensure they understand who is facilitating the workshop and what is happening at the particular moment. 
If you are working with multiple facilitators or presenters, it’s possible to follow them by selecting their avatar and using ‘Follow’ functionality. This way you can easily switch between different areas of the board and follow what other participants do.  Available on all plans.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Introducing Miro Grids – visual tables for organizing your board content
Starting today, all Miro users have access to Grids – a new widget that allows you to organize content within visual tables in a matter of seconds.
Visit our blog, watch the product video to learn more about this feature and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Content Admin feature introduced for the Enterprise Plan users
This feature is available by request.
It gives Enterprise Company Admins extended permissions to manage projects, boards (e.g. delete, transfer, or move boards and download board backups), and company templates without needing to request permission from board owners to do so. This gives them the greater ability to better organize and administer the workspace.
What does it mean to Company Admins?
For a company admin, extended permissions provide more granular control to manage the Enterprise account. Additionally, these controls allow them to ensure compliance with security standards (like having the ability to transfer content when an employee leaves and user is deactivated).
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Bug fixes & other updates
MAY 11, 2020
Weekly update – Confluence Server plugin now uses live embed
Confluence Server plugin update
Confluence plugin is now consistent for the Cloud and Server versions. From now on, Confluence Server users can add Miro boards as full-featured live embeds.
Please, note, that previously embedded boards will remain as up-to-date .svg images. If you want to transform them into full-featured boards, you will need to re-embed the board and update permission options.
This update concludes a series of improvements made to Miro integrations with other productivity apps. Now Confluence plugin, Jira Cloud add-on, Trello power-up, and Microsoft Teams all use live embed and standard Miro board picker.
Setting up Confluence plugin also got better. All the Confluence administrator has to do now is install the plugin to enable it for everyone in the account. There is no need to specify Miro account tokens when configuring the plugin.
Bug fixes & other updates
It's now possible to copy and paste email addresses in bulk from other products to invite users to boards, projects, etc in Miro
MAY 4, 2020
Weekly update – voting just got better, new push notifications on mobile, and more
Voting just got better
New push notifications for smartphones and tablets
New push-notifications for smartphones and tablets are live. Now users receive notifications about:
Bug fixes & other improvements
Payment window now has more streamlined and user-friendly design
APRIL 27, 2020
Weekly update — enhanced video chat, updated frames, and more
Enhanced built-in video chat
We updated our built-in video chat:
Better frames
More intuitive Projects sorting
Projects are now sorted alphabetically for better discoverability.
Projects are available on paid plans only.
Reminders to join Miro for invited Enterprise Plan users
Invitation reminders are now sent out on the 14th, 21st, and 28th day after the initial invite was sent out for the Enterprise Plan users if it wasn't accepted.
Invitation emails have been updated as well: now they are more detailed, clearly show who invited the user to a team or a board, and who manages the account the user was invited to join.
Enhanced board sharing for the Enterprise Plan users
When a user cannot share a board because they are not allowed to add new members to a team, we point them to their Company Admin or Team Admin to fix this.
Bug fixes & other updates
Bug with Timer fixed – it wasn't displaying correctly for some users for some time on April 22 and 23, 2020
APRIL 20, 2020
Weekly update — anonymous Guest Editors, updated CJM template, and more
Anonymous Guest Editors
We are introducing anonymous Guest Editors – the quickest and easiest way to invite collaborators that don’t have Miro account yet. Visit Help Center to learn more.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Updated Customer Journey Map template
Our users were giving us valuable feedback about the desired format of one of our most popular templates. We updated it, making it more sleek and easy to use:
Better comments
Give feedback quicker with improved comments UX: type your comment and press 'Enter' to send it.
Improved lines menu
Line types and thickness were hidden under color selection in the menu. We added a separate option to the menu to make it easier to change line types and their thickness.
Quicker menu tooltips
Discover basic Miro tools in the toolbar quicker – we started showing tooltips the moment you hover over icons.
More intuitive widget resize
Now when you want to resize a widget in Miro, you will see a double-headed arrow that will help you figure out how to make the widget bigger or smaller.
Less is better
When Enterprise Plan users are invited to several teams at once, they will receive one email, inviting them to join the Enterprise Account instead of multiple emails inviting them to join individual teams. Users will also see information about their Enterprise Account Admin to know who to reach out to in case they have questions.
SCIM-provisioned users will also be notified via email when they are added to the Enterprise Account.
More flexible domain whitelisting
It's now possible to whitelist any domains, including public ones.
Visual differentiation for Enterprise Plan accounts in the sidebar
If you are a member of a team or teams, belonging to an Enterprise account, you will see an icon in the sidebar on the dashboard.
Bug fixes & other updates
MARCH 31, 2020
Summary of product updates Q1 2020
Introducing Trash – easily restore deleted boards
You can now access and restore boards that have been deleted in the last 30 days. Restoring boards from Trash is available for Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise plans only.
If you’re on the Free plan, there are a few options for you. When you delete a board, you’ll see a confirmation notification where you can click “Undo.” You can also restore the board if you have the board URL. The easiest way to find the link is to search for the name of the board in your browser history or your email inbox.
Go to Help Center for more info, and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Miro block for Airtable
Now you can create or update a Miro board directly within an Airtable base. Get the integration to combine the benefits of both tools and help your team manage shared projects from idea to implementation in a single place.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Miro meets Notion
With Miro block by Notion, you can embed publicly shared boards into any of your Notion pages. Just type /miro on the page to get started. Learn more about Notion Embeds here.
Kudos to the Notion team for this release! If you also want to build your custom integration or embed Miro into your software - check out Miro API.
Visit Miro Community to let us know what you think about this feature.
Instantly digitize and edit the results of your offline workshops, retros and brainstorms with Stickies Capture
Digitize and edit handwritten sticky notes – it's free and works on iOS, Android mobile apps, Mac and Windows desktop apps and in desktop browser!  Go to feature landing page to learn more, and visit Miro Community to let us know what you think.
Manage Miro users via Azure AD, Okta, or Miro SCIM API
Available for Enterprise Plan users.
Onboarding and offboarding users in Miro just got easier. With direct integrations with Azure AD and Okta, admins can now simplify user management via SCIM. Additionally, they can implement custom provisioning with the Miro SCIM API. Visit the Miro blog or the Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think in Miro Community.
Gain more visibility and control with new user management & admin settings
Available for Enterprise Plan users.
Domain Control
Verify and claim company-owned domains to automatically capture newly registered users under your existing Enterprise subscription. You can also prevent users from creating new subscriptions to enable seamless collaboration under a centrally managed, company account.
Free Restricted License
Introducing a new license type to enable organization-wide collaboration. If your account has reached the cap for day passes and full licenses, new users will now be automatically added as viewers/commenters. They can request edit access in the Miro app which will notify company admins to approve the request for additional licenses. 
Team Discovery
Improved settings that allow company and team admins to set up options for how users can see and join different teams. Additionally, create hidden teams to ensure only users who are specifically invited can see them. We've also made it easier for end-users to join teams on their own, without needing an admin to add and approve them.
Visit the Miro blog to learn more and let us know what you think about these updates in Miro Community.
Quickly find the right board using Advanced Search
Now, you can search by board titles and descriptions to find the board you need. Use the Owner and Location filters to further refine your search results.
For our Enterprise plan users, you can take search to the next level with full text search across multiple Teams. We’ll not only display results for board titles but board content as well. Imagine finding the exact sticky note, card, or comment and opening the board in that very location.
Visit our Help Center to learn more and give us feedback about this feature in Miro Community.
Import Asana tasks to Miro boards as Cards
Available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise Plan users.
Import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team to discuss, prioritize, and sync on the tasks visually in real-time, seeing everyone equally engaged. Please, give us your feedback about this feature in Miro Community.
DECEMBER 31, 2019
Summary of Product Updates 2019
December 19, 2019
Core Product 
Create meeting notes, project summaries, and board annotations right in Miro with Visual Notes
Starting today Visual Notes functionality is available to all Miro users. Visual Notes is a fully-functional text editor you can use to create meeting notes, project summaries, board annotations, and more, without switching between Miro and note-taking apps.
Watch our product video to learn how you can use Visual Notes with your team, read the blog post and visit Help Center for more info about the feature. 
December 12, 2019
UX Improvements 
Follow thread functionality now available in Feed 
Get notified of new replies in the comment thread you started or participated in via Feed. This way you won’t miss important updates from your team and will respond faster.
Visit Miro Help Center to learn more. 
December 10, 2019
Plugins & Integrations
Integrate Miro to your workflow via Zapier
Miro now is integrated to Zapier for easy connection with 1500+ tools like Gmail, GitHub, Airtable, Salesforce, Typeform and more. Check out the pre-made zaps or integrate the tools you already use with Miro to pull data from external tools to a particular frame. Integrate now
December 2, 2019
Plugins & Integrations
 Now you can import Asana tasks to board as Cards (beta) 
This feature is available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans.
Please, note: this feature is currently in beta. Import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team to discuss, prioritize and sync on the tasks visually in real-time seeing everyone equally engaged. Install now and visit Help Center to learn more about Asana Cards. 
November 22, 2019
UX Improvements
Export user data as CSV This feature is available for Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans.
Admins now have the ability to export user data from the Settings page to easily track active users (including invited users) and corresponding data to understand their team membership, activity level, and more. The following fields can be exported:
November 20, 2019
UX Improvements
Share templates across multiple teams in your company
Company Templates are available for Enterprise plan users only.
Now you can easily save your tried and true boards as custom templates and make them available for all teams in Miro. Build and share a library of best practices (on-brand presentation decks, standardized agile rituals, and more) so teams can get a head start on collaborating effectively without needing to start from scratch.
Visit the Miro Help Center to learn more.
November 15, 2019
Miro Platform 
Miro opens platform for developers and app-builders
Leverage Miro as the central hub for your work by integrating it with the tools in your workflow. Use Miro platform to create customized collaboration solutions by utilizing the power of REST APIs, web plugins, and embeds.
Visit Miro blog to learn more and start building your app today. 
October 23, 2019
UX Improvements 
Improved dashboard search
Find boards on the dashboard faster than ever before! Access three of the most recently visited boards right from the search box. Start typing the board name and hover over to see details without opening the board. You can also filter search results by board owner and its location.
Go to Miro Help Center to learn more.  
October 8, 2019
UX Improvements 
Enhanced video chat with built-in screen sharing is here! 
Video chat is available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plan users. 
We added screen sharing to our video chat menu for your convenience. Now you can instantly start sharing your screen while on the video call in Miro. 
October 4, 2019
Plugins & Integrations
Add custom attributes to Jira Cards
Jira Cards are available for Team, Business, Enterprise, and Consultant plan users. 
Use our in-app Jira picker to set up custom attributes like estimates, tags, sprints, and many others for Jira cards you use on Miro boards.
August 26, 2019
UX Improvements 
Introducing Miro Feed – notification center designed to supercharge your productivity.
Always stay on top of collaboration happening in your team with Feed. Manage all of the most important notifications from your boards in one place without leaving Miro.
Read Miro Help Center article to learn more.
August 23, 2019
Plugins & Integrations
Azure DevOps integration
Available for Enterprise plan users only
Embed Azure Boards work items to Miro as cards and visualize the big picture during large Agile meetings like PI planning, remote retrospective, backlog prioritization, story mapping, and more. Any change in Azure DevOps work items is automatically updated in the corresponding card in Miro.
Install and learn more
Miro marketplace got a new design
Miro marketplace is now easier to navigate. With the updated structure and useful categories, you can quickly find what you need out of 50 available apps and plugins. 
Visit Miro marketplace 
August 20, 2019
Templates & Frameworks 
Find the right templates for your team faster with our redesigned 
We improved the UX of our website template library , added 10 new templates, infinite scroll to facilitate discovery of relevant templates as well as new filters (“use case” and “frameworks”). We are constantly updating this section of the website, so make sure to check it out regularly.  Visit Miro templates library to see what's new. 
UX Improvements
Replace image functionality is available to all Miro users 
Update any image on your board effortlessly without affecting any other objects on the canvas by replacing it via URL, uploading from your device or picking from other images on the board.
August 15, 2019
Templates & Frameworks 
 Get more done as a team with Kanban Framework
The new Kanban functionality in Miro is an intuitive and fluid framework for high-performing teams. It allows you to manage work as it moves through a process, visually identify potential bottlenecks & fix them. 
Watch our video or read Miro Help Center article to learn more. 
July 31, 2019
Plugins & Integrations 
Miro marketplace redesign
Miro marketplace is now easier to navigate. With the updated structure and useful categories, you can quickly find what you need out of 50 available apps and plugins. Visit Miro marketplace.
Q1 – Q2 2019
Plugins & Integrations 
Embed Miro boards to Confluence Cloud
Miro plugin for Confluence Cloud is finally available. Embed live boards right to Confluence pages and let more team members view and edit boards there. Learn more
Meet new Jira cards
Jira cards got a fresh look. Also, you can add them now to interactive Kanban and User story map templates. Learn more
Connect Miro to Microsoft Teams
Embed live boards and receive important notifications about Miro boards in Microsoft Teams feed. Learn more
UX Improvements
Improved UX of the mobile app
Boards are now loading faster on your smartphones. 
Mobile apps look is finally consistent with our web app and got better UX for objects adding and editing on a touch screen. 
Good news for iPhone X, XS, and XR users: our app is finally notch-friendly. 
Get Miro app
Work with cards on mobile
You can open cards and see their description on your smartphones. If you need to edit cards, switch to tablet, browser, or desktop app.
Learn more about cards
Find boards on mobile dashboard easier
There’s a new look and feel for your dashboard, where you can now filter your boards by projects, and add boards to Favorites (starred).
Get Miro app
New board export experience 
We updated our export window to make it more informative for the users that need their boards as .jpegs or .pdfs. Now you can see the file type as well as the dimensions of the downloaded file before the download, not after it.
Expand file’s pages
The new way for your team to collaborate on documents or PDF files — expand any pages, lay them out on the board and leave comments directly on pages.  
Plan Updates
Business Plan
We created this new self-service plan for teams from mid-sized companies looking for a robust visual collaboration platform with enhanced security features. Visit landing page to learn more.  
Consultant Plan
A self-service plan for consultants and agencies working with client teams with unlimited boards, private client workspaces for additional security, day passes for occasional collaborators and more. Visit the landing page to learn more.
Miro Platform 
Customize Miro for your workflow with our Developer Platform
Build your own integrations or integrate any other tool from your existing toolset to Miro with APIs, SDKs, Webhooks, and iFrame. Learn more
User management
Enhanced user & content management 
The advanced user management in Miro allows Company Admins the ability to deactivate users instead of deleting the user from an account. Deactivated users stay in the account directory and can be reactivated at any time. Learn more.
And, please, don't forget to let us know what you think about all of these product updates in Miro Community.
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