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Video Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy has changed. Please click here for a summary of the changes.
Effective Date: This Privacy Policy was last revised on October 14, 2015.
Myspace LLC (“Myspace,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is providing this Video Privacy Policy (the “Video Policy”) so that you can better understand our privacy practices with respect to the media content consumption activities collected on or through any of the Myspace Services (as defined below) that contain a link to this Video Policy. Myspace Services include (i) those offered on any Myspace-branded URL, including (the “Myspace Website”), (ii) Myspace messaging services (including, without limitation, instant messaging, private messaging, and public and private group chatting), (iii) Myspace music and video services (including, without limitation, any Myspace TV-branded video service (“Myspace TV™”)), (iv) Myspace developer services, (v) Myspace mobile services, (vi) Myspace advertising services, and (vii) any other features, content, or applications offered or operated from time to time by Myspace in connection with Myspace’s business, including when Myspace is accessed via the internet, mobile device, television or other device (collectively, “Myspace Services”).
This Video Policy is intended to supplement, not amend our current Privacy Policy. For the complete details with respect to our privacy practices, see our Privacy Policy. Any capitalized terms that appear in this Video Policy but are not otherwise defined herein are intended to have the meanings given to them in the Privacy Policy.
Consent To Sharing Of Your Media Content Consumption Activities
Your media content consumption activities (e.g., streaming and downloading music, streaming video, IPTV, digital video, etc.) may be tracked through your use of the Myspace Services, subject to some limited preference settings. We may retain, use and disclose this media content consumption information as provided below for up to two (2) years from the date in which you consent unless you otherwise withhdraw your consent. If we obtain a new consent from you after the expiration of the two (2) year period, this period may be extended for additional two (2) year periods each time we obtain a new consent from you.
Social networks like the Myspace Services are designed for the purposes of sharing information with others. By agreeing to our Video Policy, you are consenting to share your media content consumption activities with others, including what videos you have watched on the Myspace Services. Sharing this information will allow you to take advantage of various social features on the Myspace Services.
Our Use And Disclosure Of Your Media Content Consumption Activities
Section 4 of our Privacy Policy includes a full description of how we may use and disclose information that we collect about you through the Myspace Services, including your media content consumption activities. However, we wanted to highlight for you how we use and disclose the information we collected about your media content consumption activities in this Video Policy as follows:
To Deliver Relevant Content and Recommendations (Privacy Policy Section 4.2.6)
To make your experience more interesting or relevant, we may use information you provide, or that we collect about you (e.g., Profile Content, including without limitation page views, queries, media consumption, and connections between your Profile and other Profiles or content pages), and information we may collect from other Users and third parties (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), to assist us in recommending Member and content connections to you on Myspace. Myspace may also combine your information with information collected by Viant affiliates or others to improve the Myspace Services and to make content recommendations to you both on and off of the Myspace Services.
To Create a Social Media Consumption Experience (Privacy Policy Section 4.2.7)
As part of the Myspace Services, your Usage Information and Profile Content (including video viewing and audio access) may be shared with other Users. To make your content consumption experience more social and fun, to improve services, to perform analytics, to compare your usage to other Users, to rank your linkages with certain content or Users, and to better make suggestions about other content, we may use any of the information you provide and the information we collect about you and we may share the content of the media that you access on or through the Myspace Services with other Users. We may also share your media access through Myspace Services (including video viewing and audio content access) as an activity notification by, for example, sharing your Profile content (including your full name, username and Profile Picture) on the content page where such video or audio resides. Additionally, your activity may be indicated on your own Profile (in your activity stream or elsewhere) and on your connections’ Profiles , in each case, both on the Myspace Website, and on any other Myspace Services, including for example, the Myspace mobile App. Other examples of activities that may generate Activity Notifications include, but are not limited to: (i) posting status updates; (ii) commenting on a post; (iii) sharing content or posting on the Myspace Services; (iv) sharing content or posting to a Third-Party Linked Service; (v) connecting to a Profile or content (e.g., a photo, photo album, video, song, etc.); (vi) being tagged in a photo; (vii) commenting on a photo album; (viii) adding a photo to a photo album; (ix) playing a song or watching a video; (x) adding a song to a “mix”; (xi) updating a Profile; and (xii) adding a cover photo. Activity Notifications may include Profile Content (e.g., your full name and Profile photo), and some may aggregate your activity with activity of third parties (e.g., “John Doe and Sally Smith connected to a photo.”).
Myspace makes this feature public to everyone by default, and anyone can see these Activity Notifications. Note that if your Profile is a Restricted Profile, the Profiles that you have allowed to connect to you will still see your Activity Notifications regarding your content consumption on Myspace. From time-to-time we may offer you with options, such as an option to opt out on a session basis, or a persistent basis, from Activity Notifications related to your content consumption. For more information, please visit here. We will make good faith efforts to honor such elections. Session settings are intended to last only as long as your Myspace page is open in your browser. If you close your browser, the session-based setting will be reset to public, and your song and video play Activity Notifications will default to the visibility setting associated with your Profile’s visibility. You should always check the media content consumption Activity Notification setting each time you use the Myspace Services, so that you are aware of and comfortable with your media content consumption appearing as Activity Notifications.
We may use Usage Information (such as about your media content consumption, connections to content pages or Profiles, and posts regarding content pages or Profiles), and your Profile Content, to rank affinity to other Profiles and content. This allows us to identify “Top Fans”, and we may use your Public Information to display that you are a Top Fan of an artist, other Profile, or a piece of content. Top Fan status is Public Information – anyone may see your status as a Top Fan. We also may provide analytics tools to Artist Profiles that allow the owners of such Artist Profiles to see Public Information of Users who strongly engage with the Artist Profile or the content pages controlled by the Artist Profile (e.g., videos or songs or such Artist Profile), including Users that are not connected to the Artist Profile.
To Support And Improve The Myspace Services (Privacy Policy Section 4.2.9)
Many of the Myspace Services are free to Users because they are supported by advertising. We strive to make the advertising on the Myspace Services as relevant to you as possible. As a result, you may be served ads that are personalized based on, for example, your location, age, gender, content consumption, connections and other information, and we and third parties may use Web Technologies to deliver these ads. Additionally, we may share your Personal Information, Demographic Information, Usage Information, Device Identifiers, and any other information that we receive or collect with third parties (including Viant affiliates and our third-party advertising partners) in order to enable customization of the advertising displayed on the Myspace Services, other websites across the internet and other platforms, services and networks, including mobile and other connected Device platforms, and for other purposes not prohibited by this Policy. The parties with whom we may share your information may supplement your information with information they receive about you from others, in order to customize the advertisements they serve. They may also, in turn, share your information with others. If you do not wish for Myspace to use or share your information for purposes of personalized advertising, please click here to adjust your Myspace privacy settings. For additional information regarding the privacy practices of our third-party advertising partners, as well as the choices that they may make available to you, please click here.
To Deliver Social Advertising To You And Your Friends (Privacy Policy Section 4.2.10)
Myspace and Myspace’s ad-technology provider(s), including, for example, any Viant affiliates, and third-party providers, may also use Profile Content (both Public Information and Restricted Information) when delivering advertisements to you, your Myspace connections, other Users, and other users on any Viant affiliate advertising network or third-party advertising networks, including for example, by including your full name, username and/or photo in, or in connection with, sponsored content and advertisements.
We may, from time to time, offer you options to manage this type of social advertising via your Profile Settings, and Myspace will, and will require other providers to make good faith efforts to respect Profile Settings when delivering social advertisements. For any additional information on these setting options, please click here.
If you do not wish for Myspace to use or share your information for purposes of personalized advertising, please click here to adjust your Myspace privacy settings.
If There Are Changes To The Video Policy
This Video Policy, your Profile Settings and your interaction with the Myspace Services are the primary means by which Myspace provides you with notice and choice regarding its collection and use of your Personal Information.
Myspace may modify this Video Policy and/or Profile Setting options at any time. However, if we make material changes to this Video Policy that expand our rights to use your Personal Information, we will notify you either through a Myspace message, e-mail, and/or a prominent notice at the Myspace Website, or as otherwise required or permitted by law. You express your affirmative consent to any material changes if you choose to continue using the Myspace Services following notice of these changes in this manner. Your participation in and use of the Myspace Services is entirely voluntarily, and you may choose to cease to using the Myspace Services and/or to terminate your Account and its associated Profile(s) at any time and for any reason.
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