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The museum started hosting Zoom video webinars in March 2020. Browse the recordings for each of our series below. Some series are designed for specific groups — such as families, elementary school students, teens, adults, teachers — but all of the videos are appropriate for all ages. We add new recordings regularly. For upcoming shows, visit the schedule of live programs.
After Hours Programs for Adults
How To Be Animal: A New History of What It Means to Be Human
Aerial Photographer David Maisel Views the Age of Humans
Natural History on the Big Screen – Feedback Loops: Atmosphere
Expert Is Online
Flying High – The Journey of Migratory Seabirds
Journey Through Time to Explore Ancient Oceans
Ocean Motion
For Families: Natural History at Home / Historia Natural en Casa
Lenguajes Mixtecas y Mayas - Presente, Pasado, y Futuro
Mascotas saludables
El Mundo Oculto de las Hormigas Cortadoras de Hojas
Fossil Friday
Fossil Whales and Evolution
Living and Fossil Sea Urchins
Ancient Elephants and Their Modern Relatives
HOT (Human Origins Today) Topics
Human Origins Research in the Time of COVID-19
The Role of Insect Eating in Human Diets, Past and Present
Climate Change Threatens Great Ape Biology
Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World
Expertos contestan sus preguntas sobre las vacunas de COVID-19
How Laws and Policies Affect the Spread of HIV
Scientific Advances in HIV Detection and Treatment
Smithsonian Science How
The Teamwork That Made the Most 'Adorabilis' Deep Sea Discovery
Cicadas and the Brood X Emergence with Entomologist Floyd Shockley
Tracking Coral Health in the Caribbean Sea
Teacher Tuesday
Biocubes – Exploring Biodiversity
A Tour of the Human Origins Website
Exploding Objects – Teaching with Everyday Things
Teen Tuesday: Earth Optimism
How Young People Are Tackling Climate Change
Exploring Climate Change and Land Use
Exploring Food Security and Urban Gardening
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