National Center for Human Rights & democratic Development
February 7, 2019
The National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development (NCHRDD) was recognized as a non-governmental organization on September 13th, 1999 by the Minister of Culture of Yemen. NCHRDD aims to promote studies, researches, and other activates in the area of democracy and human rights in various cultural, political and economic fields.
NCHRDD seeks to spread the modern civil culture and to raise the awareness of people to the importance of democracy & Human Rights. It works to strengthen and enhance these principles by the people and the government.
NCHRDD’s main objectives are to promote the participation in supporting and promoting democracy and human rights in the public life and supporting the civil society efforts to develop; to raise awareness of the importance of women participation in the process of developing democracy along with human rights; to raise awareness of child rights; and to create open and active participation in dealing with international organizations, donors working in the field of supporting democracy and human rights with the objective of developing the increasing sufficiency, performance, in various Yemeni organizations working in the same field.
To achieve its mission NCHRDD carries out and undertakes a number of activities, such as:
§ Exchange of experts and information with local as well as international organizations with similar objectives.
§ Issuing regular reports and bulletins in various political, economical and social fields.
§ Organizing conferences, symposium, lectures, meetings, seminars and exhibitions, which aims at deepening and awareness of the importance of democracy that supports human rights.
§ Compiling documents, data and evaluating performance of the official and voluntarily organizations.
§ Supporting the inclusive financial and administrative reforms and insuring full equity among all the citizens of the society.
§ Performing any other tasks that come under the centers missions and objectives.
Board of NCHRDD:
Jamal Al-awadhi                                President
Abdullsalam Al-Asodi                       vice-President
Areej Daood                                         Secrtary General
Mohammed Al-Awadhi                     Member-Media Reporter
Aya Al-Awadhi                                   Member-Human Rights Researcher
Ahmed Al-Jarmozi                            Member
Dr.Taher Boumedra                            Advisor
Mohammed Salem                            Member
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