Yemeni political parties sign agreement on nat’l reconciliation in Brussels
February 10, 2019
A number of political parties and civil society organisations from Yemen ended a three-day conference in Brussels Monday evening after signing the “Brussels declaration for full national reconciliation in Yemen.” The declaration noted that the parties agreed to take urgent action to stop violence and armed actions and continue dialogue for full national reconciliation in Yemen.
They also invited the friends of Yemen in particular the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as international community to support the efforts of the national reconciliation.
They agreed to work together to establish a national forum on comprehensive reconciliation under the supervision of the President of Yemen.
The conference was organised by two NGOs, the Norway-based Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) and the National Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development-Yemen.
Speaking at the closing session, Abobaker Al-Qirbi, former foreign minister of Yemen, said this is a “very good step to end the violence and a bright vision for the future.” He called on the EU and GCC to help Yemen in the process of reconciliation. “I donآ’t believe that any party will reject this reconciliation,” he added.
Abdullah Al-Akwa, Yemeni Deputy prime minister and Minister of electricity, said the conference was the “beginning of a genuine reconciliation.
“People in Yemen have a strong will not to fall in any internal conflict and they want reconciliation,” he said.
He praised the GCC, in particular Saudi Arabia, for its efforts to bring peace and security to Yemen.
Observers, however, noted that no representative from the EU or the Belgian government attended the conference.
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