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Topic: Chinese-military
Solomons PM: Nothing sinister with China maritime deal
Agence France-Presse
Posted at May 12 10:10 AM
Taiwan troops simulate urban warfare with China
Agence France-Presse
Posted at Jan 06 11:19 PM
Ex-Japan PM: Chinese military 'adventure' could be 'suicidal'
Posted at Dec 15 04:59 PM
Chinese military flights near Taiwan look like 'rehearsals'- US
Posted at Dec 05 07:33 AM
Lorenzana accuses China of ‘harassment’ in Ayungin
Agence France-Presse
Posted at Nov 24 12:35 AM
US warship again transits sensitive Taiwan Strait
Posted at Nov 23 04:53 PM
Monkey-brain study with link to China's military roils top European university
Kirsty Needham and Stine Jacobsen, Reuters
Posted at Nov 18 09:58 PM
More warships ‘raising risk’ of misfire in South China Sea
Laura Zhou, South China Morning Post
Posted at Nov 09 06:56 PM
Chinese military runs drills on Indian border
Liu Zhen, South China Morning Post
Posted at Oct 12 02:58 PM
China slams Britain for Taiwan Strait warship mission
Posted at Sep 28 08:03 AM
Chinese military ‘not afraid of suffering, death’ after US vows to intimidate enemies
Harvey Kong, South China Morning Post
Updated as of Sep 01 01:40 PM
British warships ‘didn’t sail near’ Chinese artificial islands, says Chinese foreign ministry
Minnie Chan, South China Morning Post
Posted at Aug 05 02:58 AM
Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for greater focus on military development
Eduardo Baptista, South China Morning Post
Posted at Aug 01 07:49 AM
Chinese army faces problems in weapons innovation, relying on foreign acquisitions - study
Owen Churchill, South China Morning Post
Posted at Jul 15 01:33 PM
US concerned by China presence in Cambodia, urges 'balanced' policy
Posted at Jun 02 07:00 PM
China’s military commanders come under attack for outdated training
Minnie Chan, South China Morning Post
Posted at May 02 09:24 AM
Beijing makes protest over Japan's diplomacy report on Chinese military
Posted at Apr 28 07:25 AM
Elon Musk denies Tesla cars are being used for spying in China
Linda Lew, South China Morning Post
Posted at Mar 21 07:58 AM
South China Sea: Chinese military stages live-fire missile drill, US Navy on Paracels patrol
Catherine Wong, South China Morning Post
Posted at Feb 28 11:31 AM
Rethinking the US-China fight: Does China really threaten American power abroad?
The Conversation/Reuters
Posted at Feb 21 05:29 PM
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