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THE DAY IN PHOTOS: September 17, 2021
Posted at Sep 17 11:55 PM
Migrants cross US-Mexico border to seek asylum
Go Nakamura, Reuters
Posted at Sep 17 12:00 PM
HK domestic helpers only allowed to use 1 quarantine hotel
South China Morning Post
Updated as of Sep 06 03:10 PM
No Pinoy casualties so far in strong Haiti quake: DFA
Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News
Updated as of Aug 16 06:44 PM
Mga Pinoy sa Myanmar hinikayat na umuwi na dahil sa COVID-19 surge
Posted at Jul 19 07:44 PM
Nearly 2,100 migrants died trying to reach Spain in 2021: NGO
Agence France-Presse
Posted at Jul 07 09:16 PM
'World's happiest country' seeks migrants
Sam Kingsley, Agence France-Presse
Posted at Jun 22 03:27 PM
Women migrants reduced to sex slaves in Libya 'hell'
Caroline Nelly Perrot, Agence France-Presse
Posted at Jun 20 12:24 PM
I'd rather die than go back, Moroccan migrant boy tells Spanish soldier
Jon Nazca and Mariano Valladolid, Reuters
Posted at May 21 01:22 PM
THE DAY IN PHOTOS: May 18, 2021
Updated as of Aug 16 03:24 PM
Moroccan migrants attempt to cross into Spanish enclave
Fadel Senna, AFP
Posted at May 18 05:30 PM
Latest Mediterranean migrants tragedy a time for shame, Pope Francis says
Posted at Apr 25 09:26 PM
Mexican child, 9, dies trying to enter US: border patrol
Agence France-Presse
Posted at Mar 27 07:43 AM
U.S. to place some migrant families in hotels in move away from detention centers
Ted Hesson and Kristina Cooke, Reuters
Posted at Mar 21 01:28 AM
HK domestic helpers reluctant to get COVID-19 vaccines amid concerns over efficacy, side effects
Ng Kang-chung, South China Morning Post
Posted at Mar 18 12:11 PM
China’s tech push includes plans to lure more skilled migrants
Rachel Zhang in Shanghai and Teddy Ng, South China Morning Post
Posted at Mar 11 01:25 PM
Hard hit by COVID-19, migrants seen facing 'invisible wall'
Anastasia Moloney, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Posted at Mar 09 11:13 PM
Democrats to unveil Biden's US immigration reform bill
Agence France-Presse
Posted at Feb 18 09:09 PM
Hong Kong rejects 319 visa applications from 'job-hopping' domestic helpers
South China Morning Post
Posted at Feb 04 06:27 AM
Japan's Filipino community puts down roots, moves past hostess origins
Donican Lam, Kyodo News
Posted at Jan 24 10:23 AM
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