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MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on coronavirus
Cornell faculty members can speak about coronavirus from a variety of perspectives: the science and health implications of the disease, its impact on the global economy, the science of vaccines and impact on healthcare systems, labor and specialized industries, effects on countries around the world and the broader impact the crisis is having on our daily lives.
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Wild blue wonder: X-ray beam explores food color protein
Program promotes African links, diversity in plant sciences
Bacteria could extract elements for modern tech sustainably
Study provides keys to managing influx of EV batteries
Student veterans find community, support at Cornell
Scientists bring efficiency to expanding offshore wind energy
Upgraded facility to study dairy industry emissions
Project aims to improve accuracy of climate change models
New gene could help improve tomato flavor and shelf life
“If the omicron variant proves more contagious, more likely to lead to severe illness, or more resistant to current vaccines, I would expect that many employers will extend the timeline on their return to the office plans. They may also be more likely to restrict access to the office for those who have started to come back in, particularly if they are confident in their ability to maintain operations with a fully or largely remote workforce.”
Bradford S. Bell
Professor in strategic human resources and director of ILR’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

Noël Heaney/Cornell University
Britney Schmidt, associate professor (A&S, ENG) is in Antarctica through February 2022 with a small team of researchers to explore the confluence of glaciers, floating ice shelves and ocean using a submarine robot called Icefin – the first mission of its kind. But the whole time, she’ll also be thinking about worlds beyond Earth. The members of her Planetary Habitability and Technology lab, which is transitioning with Schmidt from Georgia Tech to Cornell, are working to better understand how oceans work both on Earth and beyond, and to develop tools for further exploration. Read the article in the Cornell Chronicle.

Chinese users don’t need a central bank digital currency, but there’s good reason for it: Professor
December 3, 2021

Up all night with a Twitch millionaire: The loneliness and rage of the Internet’s new rock stars
December 2, 2021

Island turns into open-air lab for tech-savvy volcanologists
December 2, 2021

Future of abortion rights at stake as Supreme Court considers Mississippi case
November 30, 2021

The most important meeting yet for global pandemic response—and drugmakers
November 29, 2021

Fetal viability, long an abortion dividing line, faces a Supreme Court test
November 28, 2021
Tracker promotes consistent learning for incarcerated students
Electric sheep: Grazing in arrays supports economy, climate
Students recount life-changing CCE internships
Cheers! Wine’s red grape pulp offers nutritional bounty
Grants fund Cornell AES work to improve lives in NYS
Cornell outreach educators combat pests, support pollinators
Study reveals possible new coronavirus entry points
Pandemic increased risks to NYC home health workers: study
Group testing could screen entire US, research suggests
NSF-funded antimicrobial technology targets COVID-19
U.S. social distancing stabilized, but did not reduce, spread
In the fog of pandemic, opportunities to improve risk communication
RT @CornellLaw: “I suspect he’s probably not as conversant with the details of #Bitcoin in particular and how it works as he is with just the fact that it has a sort of hipness and a cache to it,” says Robert Hockett (@rch371) via @NY1.
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