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Harouna B Maiga, new president of the FIBA-Africa Mini-Basketball Council: “My mission is to popularize basketball at the grassroots while ensuring good learning throughout the African continent”
6 months ago
Harouna B. MAIGA, President Malian Basketball Federation
Very committed to the development of Malian basketball, Harouna B. Maïga, the current president of the Malian Basketball Federation, was appointed on Friday April 23, in Abidjan, as head of the Mini-basketball Council of the Africa zone. Its mission will be to revitalize grassroots basketball on the continent which is one of the priorities of those in charge of Fiba-Africa.
Mini basketball is a game for young boys and girls. It is also a modification of adult play adapted to the needs of children. The philosophy is simple: allow children to play a game which is possible by tailoring things for them. Its objectives are to put the child back at the center of the process; to offer him forms of play adapted to his age and to his capacities by privileging the fluidity of the play and finally to optimize the time which he devotes to the sporting activity.
As soon as she returned to Bamako, Harouna B. Maïga thanked the country’s sports authorities for their support. “I would first of all like to thank the members of the executive committee of the Fiba Zone Africa for the confidence placed in me to fulfill this task of president of the Mini-basketball Council in Africa. I am convinced that if we join hands, we will be able to develop this discipline from the ground up. Today, if you see that they have entrusted me with this work, it is thanks to the combined efforts of everyone, including my predecessors, who carried out an enormous action. It is important to stress that all this is made possible thanks to the instructors, the coaches. By choosing me as president of the Mini-Basketball Council, it is to help the continent by referring to our model for advancing basketball in Africa. I cannot end without thanking the Minister of Youth and Sports who has never ceased to support us in everything we do ”, he said, before seeking the support of each other so that he can meet this challenge.
He also indicated that the Mini-basketball Council is one of the 9 councils established by the executive board of Fiba-Africa. “It is made up of 9 members. The president is either elected or appointed, 7 members are appointed by the zones of which they are members and the ninth member is appointed by the Council. The role of the Council is to develop mini-basketball on the continent; develop basketball popularization programs for children aged 5 to 14; introduce children aged 5 to 14 to sports life in general and basketball in particular, develop team spirit and learn to evolve while respecting the rules of the game ”, he said.
Speaking of its missions, the new president of the Africa Zone Mini-Basketball Council clarified that it is to popularize basketball at the grassroots while ensuring good learning throughout the African territory. . “The other missions are to animate mini-basketball forums in the 7 zones of Fiba-Africa in order to bring the good practice of basketball within this category which is the future of this discipline”, he suggested.
Mahamadou Traore
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