Several arrests in crackdown in Fahaheel Industrial Area
KUWAIT: This handout photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows police officers at the site of a crackdown in Fahaheel Industrial Area.
KUWAIT: Ahmadi security department carried out a campaign to crack down on violators in Fahaheel Industrial Area yesterday. Police arrested 64 residency law violators and eight juveniles during the campaign, while officers also impounded seven vehicles and issued 23 traffic citations. Meanwhile, five vehicles were found in body shops without repair permits, the Interior Ministry announced.
Yesterday’s crackdown is the second operation of its kind in as many days after police carried out a similar campaign in Bneid Al-Gar, during which 96 people were arrested. Separately, fire broke out at Naayem scrap area at dawn yesterday. Shiqaya, Jahra, Kazma and backup centers responded and put out the fire that engulfed several vehicles. No injuries were reported as an investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the blaze, Kuwait Fire Force said in a press statement.
Girl goes missing
In other news, a report emerged yesterday suggesting that Kuwait police opened a state security investigation into a case involving a teenaged girl who allegedly disappeared after leaving a message to her family saying that she wanted to join the Taleban in Afghanistan.
A police source quoted in the report published by Al-Anbaa Arabic newspaper yesterday said that after a 15-year-old Pakistani girl was reported missing at Khaitan police station, the case was handed over to state security due to a message she sent to her father in which she said she was going to join the Taleban in Afghanistan “to destroy the Zionist entity.” The source said the girl did not leave Kuwait according to records, and that she is in Salmiya. Her name was placed on the travel ban list and she is being sought.
The source said it is most likely that the girl left her home at the behest of a man, adding her escape and whereabouts are being probed by police and state security detectives. According to the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, a Pakistani resident in his 50s informed Khaitan police about his daughter’s disappearance, adding her civil ID and passport were missing too. He said she sent him a message on WhatsApp telling him she plans to join the Taleban to commit a suicide bombing in the Zionist entity.
Husband compensated
In another case, the civil court ordered a woman to pay her husband and their children KD 20,000 in compensation for material and moral damages. The lawyer in the case said his client discovered that his wife had another phone through which she communicated with 13 men and exchanged pornographic messages and pictures, which caused him great pain. He was temporarily blinded, which kept him isolated from his neighbors and severely affected his children’s psychological health and schooling, Al-Anbaa Arabic daily reported yesterday, quoting the lawyer.
After the court ruled for temporary compensation of KD 5,001, the lawyer asked for a final compensation verdict and attached documents including the children’s maternal grandfather relinquishing visitation rights and a copy of the separation certificate. The lawyer also attached a final ruling authenticating the signature of the woman and copies of her conversations with others indicating that there were physical contacts with them, as well as a denial of visitation rights.
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