How TikTok is supporting our community through COVID-19
Follow TikTok's efforts to support and educate our community through COVID-19.
TikTok TV is now available in North America
Over a billion people come to TikTok to be entertained, learn something new, create memorable content, and so much more. Earlier this month we launched TikTok TV in the US and Canada with Amazon Fire...
SafetyNov 17, 2021
Helping our community stay safe while having fun on TikTok
By Alexandra Evans, Head of Safety Public Policy, Europe We love seeing the joy, connection, and inspiration that TikTok brings to millions around the world. Whether starting a new trend or using Duet
NewsOct 27, 2021
Adding new ways for people to Share to TikTok
TikTok is always looking for innovative ways to enhance our communities’ content creation, and today, we are expanding upon the current Video Kit offerings to bring Share to TikTok to developers from
NewsOct 21, 2021
Discover more ways to create, connect and be entertained with longer videos on TikTok
Whether it's discovering, making or watching content that entertains, educates, or inspires, we've seen all the many ways our community has redefined creative expression following the launch of longer
NewsSep 28, 2021
Enter TikTok World and meet the next era of marketing
Over the past few years, we've seen trends and culture come to life through our global TikTok community. We're inspired and honored to see more than 1 billion people around the world come to TikTok ev
ProductAug 31, 2021
Discover more of what you love on TikTok
This is part three in our blog series about the For You feed, where you can learn more about content, recommendations, and discovery on TikTok. Check out our first two posts to find out more about the
SafetyAug 12, 2021
Furthering our safety and privacy commitments for teens on TikTok
By Alexandra Evans, Head of Child Safety Public Policy and Aruna Sharma, Global Head of Privacy People from all walks of life come to TikTok to be entertained, spark joy in their everyday, and share t
CommunityJul 27, 2021
All the ways you can enjoy LIVE with TikTok
There's something magical about watching a musician perform live, hearing a Q&A from a new author, or meeting an actor at the stage door following a show. Those experiences have shaped much of the way
ProductJul 1, 2021
More Tok on the Clock: Introducing longer videos on TikTok
By Drew Kirchhoff, Product Manager, TikTok There's so much that can happen in a TikTok minute, from crowdsourced musicals and sea shanty singalongs to feta pasta recipes, roller skating revivals, and
ProductJun 22, 2021
Introducing TikTok brand lift study to measure the moments that matter most
TikTok is a platform where users enjoy engaging with the brands they love in creative ways. It enables advertisers to tap into the platform's unique format, appeal, engagement and reach to connect wit
ProductJun 21, 2021
TikTok Jump: Enriching the TikTok experience with new integrations
By Sean Kim, Head of Product, TikTok US Today we're excited to introduce TikTok Jump, a new way for creators to share engaging and informative content on TikTok. Built by third-party providers, Jumps
SafetyMay 20, 2021
New tools to combat bullying on TikTok
By Joshua Goodman, Director of Product, Trust and Safety, TikTok Today we're launching a new way for creators to more easily manage interactions with their content. People put their hearts and souls i
ProductMay 12, 2021
Introducing Green Screen Duet
On TikTok, our portfolio of video tools and effects power creativity and imaginative storytelling. Tools like Duet inspire chains of co-created content while creative effects like Green Screen make fo
ProductMay 6, 2021
Share sounds and log in with TikTok through all-new developer kits
Both on and off our platform, we're always looking for new ways to enable self-expression, creativity, and connection among the TikTok community. When we launched our TikTok for Developers program, we
ProductApr 7, 2021
Introducing Immersive Music Creative Effects
Music and sounds are often woven into the fabric of the TikTok community's endless creativity. Today, we're announcing Music Visualizer, one of many interactive and responsive music creative effects w
ProductApr 6, 2021
Introducing auto captions
By Stephanie Hind, Manager, Creator Management and Operations, TikTok US Inclusivity is important because when people feel included, they're more comfortable expressing themselves and engaging with th
SafetyMar 10, 2021
New tools to promote kindness on TikTok
by Tara Wadhwa, Director of Policy, TikTok US At TikTok, we continually work to maintain a supportive environment that enables our community to focus on what matters to them: being creative, finding c
ProductMar 4, 2021
Q&A rolls out to all creators
On TikTok, one video can cascade into continuous learning and discovery. When you upload a video or go LIVE, it’s only the beginning of spirited conversations that soon spill over into comment threads
SafetyFeb 22, 2021
Supporting #NEDAwareness and body inclusivity on TikTok
By: Tara Wadhwa, Director of Policy, TikTok US At TikTok, we want every member of our community to feel comfortable and confident expressing themselves exactly as they are. Being true to yourself is n
SafetyFeb 3, 2021
New prompts to help people consider before they share
By Gina Hernandez, Product Manager, Trust & Safety People come to TikTok to be creative, find community, and have fun. Being authentic is valued by our community, and we take the responsibility of hel
ProductJan 27, 2021
Digital learning tools arrive on TikTok
The #LearnOnTikTok community is made up of teachers, scientists, chefs, beekeepers, doctors, makeup artists, and many more experts in their fields. On the app, #LearnOnTikTok has nearly 60 billion vid
ProductJan 22, 2021
TikTok makes creating easy with the Creator Portal
Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok. They make the app a welcoming place where millions of people come for entertainment, learning, and fun, and TikTok offers anyone a chance to reach an audienc
CommunityDec 22, 2020
#Bye2020, #Welcome2021: Join us at TikTok LIVE’s NYE party
This year, TikTok brought some much needed light to a tough 2020. All year long, people turned to TikTok to laugh, share poignant moments from their lives, connect with others, and express themselves
ProductDec 21, 2020
Look back on your 'Year on TikTok'
On TikTok, there’s a community for everyone. Whether you’re into crafts, cooking, or cottagecore, there’s bound to be a corner of TikTok that makes you feel right at home. And we love seeing our users
NewsDec 15, 2020
Refreshing our policies to support community well-being
By Cormac Keenan, Head of Trust & Safety, TikTok Today we're announcing refreshed Community Guidelines with additional details about what's allowed on TikTok. Our Community Guidelines support the auth
SafetyNov 24, 2020
Making TikTok more accessible to people with photosensitive epilepsy
By Joshua Goodman, Director of Product, Trust and Safety, TikTok  TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to inclusivity because people nee
ProductNov 19, 2020
TikTok Tutorial Series: Widgets put discovery at your fingertips
Discovery is at the heart of the TikTok experience, making it easy for our community to explore new videos and creators they love from across the TikTok universe. We’re now putting that discovery at y
NewsOct 28, 2020
Supporting our community on Election Day and beyond
By Eric Han, Head of Safety, TikTok US Interest in the US elections is palpable, with many Americans having already cast ballots and many more preparing to exercise their right to vote in the coming d
SafetyOct 22, 2020
Adding clarity to content removals
TikTok's Community Guidelines are our foundation for maintaining a safe and welcoming app for everyone. Our policies are driven by our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy to people around the
ProductOct 1, 2020
Working with third-parties to build a safe and secure experience
By Suhana Hyder and Ben Liu, Global Security Team Every day TikTok's Global Security Team works to build industry-leading security technology and processes so that millions of people can enjoy a safe
ProductSep 30, 2020
Feature highlight: new layouts for Duet
[UPDATE - October 2]: As part of the newly-released Duet features, you can also turn on your microphone as you Duet, making it easy to add your voice to every new content remix. Every video on TikTok
NewsSep 29, 2020
TikTok launches in-app guide to the 2020 US elections
By Michael Beckerman, VP, Head of US Public Policy  Today we're launching an in-app guide to the 2020 US elections to provide access to authoritative information as we continue our work to protect aga
ProductSep 3, 2020
New on TikTok: Introducing Stitch
When you post a video on TikTok, your creativity has the potential to ignite a chain reaction. Videos can kickstart new trends, inspire Duets, and transform into remixes. Today, we're excited to annou
ProductSep 2, 2020
TikTok Tutorial Series: Photos on TikTok
There are so many ways to make your videos shine on TikTok. You can speed videos up, slow them down, add transitions, and apply all kinds of creative effects, voiceovers, and filters to your posts. In
ProductAug 25, 2020
Providing peace of mind
By V. Jay La Rosa, Global Security, TikTok At TikTok, our security team is constantly working to make people safer in an environment of ever-evolving threats. Over the past few years, consumers have b
ProductAug 18, 2020
An Alexa skill for TikTok
By Sean Kim, Head of Product, TikTok US "Alexa, open TikTok!" Today, we're excited to share that we've collaborated with Amazon to launch an Alexa skill for TikTok that gives users the ability to expl
ProductAug 14, 2020
TikTok Tutorial Series: TikTok Analytics
TikTok is built upon the foundation of creative expression and we want to provide our users with the creative tools to make it easy to produce fun, joyful content on the app. This post is part of our
ProductJul 30, 2020
5 tips for TikTok creators
This is part two in our blog series about the For You feed, where we’re sharing background about content, recommendations, and discovery on TikTok. For more on the For You experience, see our first po
ProductJul 22, 2020
Protecting privacy on TikTok
By Sean Kim, Head of Product, TikTok US TikTok is committed to building an experience that protects the safety and privacy of our community. As part of our commitment to accountability, Roland Cloutie
ProductJul 2, 2020
TikTok tutorial series: Green screen sky effect
TikTok is built upon the foundation of creative expression and we want to provide our users with the creative tools to make it easy to produce fun, joyful content on the app. This post is part of our
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