Amnesty International on Argentina
Amnesty International
October 11, 1979 issue
On August 13, 1979, Amnesty International called on the government of Argentina to stop the harassment of human rights organizations in the country.
Amnesty International made the appeal following a raid on August 10 by Argentine security officers on the offices of three leading human rights organizations. During the raid, documentation on people who have disappeared was confiscated. Al said the raid was a “deliberate act of intimidation.”
Amnesty International believes that the raid may have been intended to prevent or discourage human rights groups and relatives of missing and detained persons from presenting information to a forthcoming mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), scheduled to visit Argentina from September 6-20 to investigate allegations of human rights abuses.
Amnesty International urged the responsible Argentine authorities to return all documents seized during the raid—which was ordered by Federal Judge Martin Anzoatagui—to their respective owners. Al also called on the Argentine government to guarantee that there would be no retaliation against anyone testifying before the OAS mission.
Executive Secretary of the OAS, Edmundo Vargas Carreno, said during a recent visit to Argentina that the OAS mission would talk to politicians, labor leaders, and “everyone who feels that his or her rights have not been protected.”

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October 11, 1979
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