The Senator Giovanni Agnelli International Prize
Giovanni Agnelli Foundation
March 17, 1988 issue
“On February 15, 1988, in Turin, on the initiative of Fiat, the Senator Giovanni Agnelli International Prize for the Ethical Dimension in Advanced Societies was awarded for the first time to Sir Isaiah Berlin for his outstanding contribution to theoretical reflection and to the debate on contemporary ethics.
“The winner was chosen by a jury, nominated and presided over by the chairman of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli, and made up of Helmut Schmidt, Giovanni Spadolini, Felix Rohatyn, and Roger Fauroux, on the basis of a list of candidates proposed by the general secretariat of the prize, which is administered by the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation.
“The aim of the biennial prize is to draw attention to the need for reflection on the role of ethical principles in modern society, which is characterized both by continual economic, scientific, and technological progress and by a growing uncertainty about the cultural and moral values that, no matter how differently interpreted, are fundamental to all our lives.”
From a statement by the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation

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