Omni Academic Search Tool
Meet Omni
Ontario’s new academic search tool
Introducing Omni, the new academic search tool presented by OCUL.
An outcome of OCUL’s Collaborative Futures initiative, Omni is powered by a collaborative system of team members and resources from 16 of Ontario’s university libraries. Omni users experience fast and easy access to a vast collection of diverse, high-quality, academic material, empowering them to confidently develop new insights in their areas of study, and succeed in their research goals.
Features of Omni
A Wealth of Content
Numerous academic and scholarly resources, leveraging broad content coverage, deep expertise, and extensive metadata

Omni is a collaboration between 16 Ontario Universities
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About OCUL
The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) is a consortium of Ontario’s 21 university libraries. Our strength lies in our commitment to work together to maximize our collective expertise and resources. We enhance information services in Ontario and beyond through collective purchasing and shared digital information infrastructure, collaborative planning, advocacy, assessment, research, partnerships, communications, and professional development.
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