Academic Partner Program
Access online diagramming software, free for academic use.
Visual Paradigm's Academic Partner Program provides colleges and universities with the software tools they need to develop the next generation of IT professionals.
The Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program is the most comprehensive and cost-effective of its kind, offering free online diagramming software to schools that can be used at every academic level - middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, etc.
Join us today. Gain access to the free software you need to give your students a competitive advantage in the job market.
Terms and Conditions
Many diagrams for different purposes
VP Online supports a wide range of visualization needs, from software design, data modeling, business process mapping, strategic analysis, mind mapping to project scheduling, and is widely adopted in different sectors like business, education, and social units.
What you can enjoy
Absolutely FREE: Unlimited number of projects, diagrams and shapes and no ad.
Single workspace for easy management of student's work.
Save project on our cloud space.
Access to students' work at any time and from anywhere.
Hassle-free partnership renewal process.
Join the Academic Partner Program today
The Academic Partner Program is free to join. Why wait? Unlock the full power of Visual Paradigm Online for your students.

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