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Marina Wilson
Marina Wilson is an attorney and member of Justia’s Marketing Team. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and her J.D. cum laude from the Louisiana State University, Paul M. Hebert Law Center. She is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association whose professional background includes experience in marketing and communications as well as practicing with a Louisiana business litigation firm.
Lawyers: Understanding & Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Conversion Rate
Understanding your conversion rates can help you streamline and effectively implement your legal marketing efforts, while optimizing your conversion rates can help build your practice and manage costs. Keep reading to learn more.
Marina Wilson December 2, 2021
December 2, 2021
7 Lawyers Who Became Famous
When people think of lawyers (and people with law degrees), they often think of very serious individuals wearing suits to the courtroom. However, many lawyers go on to follow less traditional careers paths. Some even...
Marina Wilson November 19, 2021
November 19, 2021
Lawyer Ratings Explained: How Your Lawyer Ratings Are Determined By 4 Well-Known Companies
Some of the lawyer directories most frequently used by consumers also incorporate lawyer ratings. With potential clients seeing these ratings on your profiles, it is important to understand how directories determine what your rating may...
Marina Wilson November 16, 2021
November 16, 2021
News & Notes on Google Local Services Ads: November 2021
Does your firm use Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) as part of your marketing strategy? Want to stay in the know on the latest news, updates, and reminders about LSAs? This post is for you!
Marina Wilson November 5, 2021
November 5, 2021
Why Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing in 2022
As we move into the final months of 2021 and the upcoming holiday season, many lawyers are beginning to look forward to their marketing strategies in 2022 and beyond. Check out this post to learn...
Marina Wilson November 4, 2021
November 4, 2021
Lawyers at Halloween
In this second part of Justia’s Halloween special, check out some of the costumes lawyers have worn in recent years. Plus, get some inspiration on legal-themed attire for the holiday weekend!
Marina Wilson October 29, 2021
October 29, 2021
9 Questions Lawyers Should Ask Before Hiring a PPC Consultant
Deciding to invest your marketing resources into paid ads can be a big decision for many law firms. Here are nine questions we suggest you ask before signing a contract with a new PPC consultant...
Marina Wilson October 22, 2021
October 22, 2021
9 PPC & SEM Blogs for Legal Marketers to Follow Today
Whether you are new to PPC and search engine marketing or simply want to stay up to date on trends and best practices, here are nine PPC and SEM blogs that can help you stay...
Marina Wilson October 15, 2021
October 15, 2021
5 Tips for Marketing Your Criminal Defense Practice
Need some info on digital marketing for criminal defense lawyers? Check out this post for five tips and best practices you may want to consider when you update the marketing plan for your law firm.
Marina Wilson October 13, 2021
October 13, 2021
News & Notes on Google Local Services Ads: October 2021
Considering Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs)? Already running LSA campaigns? Check out this post for news, updates, and reminders that your firm needs to know about this increasingly popular legal advertising channel.
Marina Wilson October 8, 2021
October 8, 2021
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