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The Best National Bar Association Directories for Boosting Your Legal Marketing Strategy
Justia Team November 1, 2021 Spanish
November 1, 2021
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As we continue our series on the various legal directories lawyers should have on their radar, we have gathered a list of the best national bar association directories. While membership in these organizations is not required, lawyers will want to carefully consider the potential benefits. Check out this post to learn more.
As all lawyers likely know, each state typically licenses attorneys through some licensing agency, often the state bar association. However, there are numerous national bar associations across the nation that these licensed attorneys may also join. The groups range from practice area focused to those that are tied to specific geographical location, achievement, or other unifying interests.
These associations frequently offer their members great benefits in the form of professional opportunities, continuing legal education, networking events, and social gatherings. One often overlooked benefit of these optional bar associations is the potential opportunity to bolster your legal marketing strategy.
We’ve compiled a list of national bar associations that maintain directories of their members. Each of these directories can potentially help a member attorney expand their online presence and visibility. Furthermore, many of these directories offer links that may provide a high-value boost to the lawyer’s SEO efforts.
List of National Bar Association Lawyer Directories
National Elder Law Foundation (NELF)
Alexa Rank:
8,402,983 (

Profiles Indexed:
Yes (Google, Bing)
Ahrefs DR:

Link to Site:
Follow link
Majestic TF:
Search By:Name | Location
American Arbitration Association (AAA)
Members:1,000+Alexa Rank:5,253,451 (
Profiles Indexed:Yes (Google, Bing)Ahrefs DR:59
Link to Site:No linkMajestic TF:40
Search By:Name | Location | Other
American College of Real Estate Lawyers (ACREL)
Members:800+Alexa Rank:4,471,236 (
Profiles Indexed:Yes (Google, Bing)Ahrefs DR:34
Link to Site:Follow linkMajestic TF:16
Search By:Name | Location | Other
American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL)
Members:5,800+Alexa Rank:4,113,993 (
Profiles Indexed:Yes (Google, Bing)Ahrefs DR:64
Link to Site:Follow linkMajestic TF:29
Search By:Name | Location | Other
National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC)
Alexa Rank:
3,021,577 (

Profiles Indexed:
Yes (Google, Bing)
Ahrefs DR:

Link to Site:
Follow link
Majestic TF:
Search By:Name | Location
Show More
As a reminder, you should never pay for “follow” links to influence Google search results, as this is a violation of Google guidelines and can have a severe, negative impact on your law firm’s rankings. Nonetheless, lawyers, if eligible, may want to consider joining these optional associations for the numerous professional benefits they offer in addition to the possible marketing benefits.
Final Thoughts: Why Do You Care?
Continuously expanding your professional foundation and knowledge is an important part of reaching your full potential as an attorney, and these optional bar associations generally offer many opportunities to do just that. In addition, visibility is crucial to successful digital marketing plans. Therefore, any opportunity to expand an attorney’s online reach should be carefully considered.
Want to know more about other directories and their potential impacts on your legal marketing efforts? Check out our post on the official directories maintained by state licensing agencies, as well as other lawyer and law firm directories available from various organizations online.
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