Constitutional Law for Students
Constitutional Law for Students is a textbook for students by students, to help navigate the complex world of Constitutional Law in South Africa. Constitutional Law is one of the most challenging courses in the LLB programme. This book aims to clarify concepts and increase understanding around the various aspects of Constitutional Law. Each chapter has a workbook to help prepare students. This book has been published open access to ensure that every law student and the public has access to it. This book has been designed to be as inclusive as possible with the addition of an audiobook format.
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Preliminary Pages
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1. Introduction
Eshed Cohen
PDF [7238] EPUB [106] HTML [32386] Audio download
2. The Legislature
Scott Roberts
PDF [2117] EPUB [234] HTML [140] Audio download
3. Multi-level Government
Abigail Stander
PDF [1429] EPUB [78] HTML [4459] Audio download
4. The Executive
Scott Roberts
PDF [3578] EPUB [201] HTML [1550] Audio download
5. The Judiciary
Scott Roberts
PDF [6148] EPUB [203] HTML [300] Audio download
6. Chapter 9 Institutions
Abigail Stander
PDF [1406] EPUB [211] HTML [302] Audio download
March 25, 2020
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