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A Free, AI-powered Tool for Navigating the Scientific Literature
We are a team of researchers and engineers at the Allen Institute for AI building a smarter way to search and discover scientific knowledge.
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What if the cure for an intractable cancer is hidden within the results of thousands of clinical studies?
Our mission at Semantic Scholar is to accelerate scientific breakthroughs by helping scholars locate and understand the right research, make important connections, and overcome information overload.
The rate of scientific publication is increasing every year, with more than 3 million papers published across 42,500 journals in 2018 alone. This unprecedented flow of information makes staying up-to-date with the scientific literature an increasingly pressing challenge for scholars.
Semantic Scholar was launched in 2015 as a groundbreaking project at the Allen Institute for AI, a nonprofit research institute founded by philanthropist Paul G. Allen to develop AI that benefits the common good. Semantic Scholar is and always will be open and free for all to use – we believe this is the best way to help researchers increase their impact. Millions of scholars now rely on the tool each week.
We actively collaborate with industry partners to achieve our mission of timely, open access to relevant scientific research. More than 50 direct partnerships with publishers, aggregators, and data providers provide Semantic Scholar with content from 500+ academic journals, university presses, and scholarly societies globally. Learn more about our publishing partners and data partners.
A Smarter Way to Search and Discover Scientific Research
Semantic Scholar applies artificial intelligence to extract the meaning from the scientific literature allowing scholars to navigate research much more efficiently than a traditional search engine.
Learn more about the research and technology that powers Semantic Scholar.
AI for the Common Good
At AI2, our mission is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering.
Paul G. Allen launched the Allen Institute for AI in 2014 to explore critical questions in the field of AI. His philanthropy allows us to push the boundaries of fundamental AI research and to find high-impact ways to deploy these new technologies for the benefit of humanity.
Led by Dr. Oren Etzioni, a leading AI researcher, AI2 has undertaken several ambitious projects to drive fundamental advances in science and medicine through AI, including Semantic Scholar.
Learn more about AI2:
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Scaling the Scientific Literature Graph
We launched Semantic Scholar in 2015 with a collection of 3 million computer science papers.
Our team continues to innovate on behalf of scholars everywhere, including expanding our corpus to include all fields of science and more than 180 million papers in 2019. 
In addition to the search and discovery tools available at, we provide an API and Open Research Corpus as free services to the research community.
3 Million Papers
Launched in Computer Science
10 Million Papers
Expanded to Neuroscience
36 Million Papers
Expanded to Biomedicine
42 Million Papers
Expanded to include more types of scientific content
178 Million Papers
Expanded to All Scientific Domains
2020 & Beyond
180 Million+ Papers
Create Innovative Ways to Discover and Understand Science
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