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T292485 docker-reporter-releng-images => docker registry: status=3/NOTIMPLEMENTED
T291964 Attempting to login to gitlab.wikimedia.org sometimes results in CAS 500 Internal Server Error
BUG REPORT​Infrastructure-Foundations​CAS-SSO​GitLab (Auth & Access)
T290759 Undeploy VipsScaler from Wikimedia wikis
T290360 Requesting exec access to pods in 'ci' namespace staging kubernetes
T289567 Define Metrics for Change Failure Percentage
T286905 Add logout.d script for Gerrit
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T278641 Migrate deployment-prep away from Debian Stretch to Buster/Bullseye
T293694 Alert RelEng when mw-client-error editing dashboard shows errors at a rate of over 1000 errors in a 12 hr period
SRE Observability
T288989 beta logstash servers run out of disk space
BUG REPORT​Beta-Cluster-Infrastructure
T215217 deployment-prep: Code stewardship request
T287001 Core tests failing due to Flow HTTP requests and ServiceContainer access
StructuredDiscussions​ci-test-error (WMF-deployed Build Failure)​Growth-Team​User-DannyS712​Patch-For-Review
T287419 `mediawiki-core-php72-phan-docker` job runs `composer install` instead of using packages from mediawiki/vendor
MediaWiki-Vendor​ci-test-error (WMF-deployed Build Failure)​Patch-For-Review​Continuous-Integration-Config​Parsoid (Tracking)
T285820 Switch deployment server to codfw (July 2021)
T248683 Create and run a suite of end-to-end tests for the Wikimedia environment
Testing-RoadblocksPlatform Team Initiatives (API Integration Tests)​Quality-and-Test-Engineering-Team (QTE)Epic
T257333 CI pipeline/job to build and release helm chart artifacts
T257583 Run EventBus tests in MediaWiki core CI
ChangeProp​WMF-JobQueue​Event-Platform​Platform Engineering​Analytics-Radar​Continuous-Integration-Config​Platform Engineering Roadmap Decision MakingPlatform Engineering Code Jam
T284998 puppet CI task failing with: Cannot allocate memory
T283076 Puppetise gitlab-ansible playbook
T214734 Debug hosts sometimes Fatal error: "The UdpSocket to has been closed"
PRODUCTION ERROR​SRE​User-fgiunchedi​serviceops​Performance-Team (Radar)Developer Productivity
T229894 whitelist user Viztor[S] in CI
T278285 Flagged revs will break if the dimension is set to something other than "accuracy" (except on Wikimedia production)
T258940 Support Parsoid/PHP in MediaWiki-Vagrant
T259988 Decide the fate of Parsoid/JS Puppet in Mediawiki-Vagrant
MediaWiki-VagrantParsoid (Tracking)
T264230 Look into whether GitLab time tracking can be disabled
T242604 Remove obsoleted docker images
serviceopsRelease Pipeline​SRE​User-brennen​Upstream
T221434 Ensure we're testing appropriately and not over-testing across Wikimedia-deployed code
T259989 Support RESTBase using Parsoid/PHP in MediaWiki-Vagrant
MediaWiki-Vagrant​RESTBase​Parsoid (Tracking)
T278666 create instance in deployment-prep just for testing MediaWiki code not yet merged into master
T72597 Jenkins Gearman plugin has deadlock on executor threads (was: Beta Cluster stopped receiving code updates (beta-update-databases-eqiad hung)
T87774 Evaluate and decide on a MediaWiki distribution strategy targeted at VMs
Service-Architecture​MediaWiki-Releasing​Parsoid (Tracking)
T98640 Document and automate updating of static/project-logos in mediawiki-config
WMF-General-or-Unknown​Deployments​Performance-Team (Radar)
T99740 Use static php array files for l10n cache at WMF (instead of CDB)
T104306 Share Appveyor account credentials with Release Engineering
T106388 Audit all existing code to ensure that any extension currently or previously adding blobs to ExternalStore has been registering a reference in the text table (and fix up if wrong)
Platform Engineering (Icebox)
T114384 Standardise procedures for deprecating public-facing code
T140942 Tracking: Monitoring and alerts for "business" metrics
observability​SRE​Tracking-Neverending​Sustainability (Incident Followup)
T165540 Add CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md to Wikimedia repositories
T166066 Integrate the puppet compiler in the puppet CI pipeline
T173576 Templates rendering as links on beta cluster
Beta-Cluster-Infrastructure​MediaWiki-Parser​Readers-Web-Backlog (Tracking)
T179562 Create jenkins job for creating deployment artifacts for `docker-pkg-deploy`
T179663 What happens if the Wikibase project specifies a version of a library outside of the range included in mediawiki-vendor?
T180023 [DRAFT][RfC] Deployment of python applications in production
T184086 Add prometheus exporter to Gerrit
T197192 Unable to edit external-ids ref in notedb due to validation
T203625 mwdebug1001 and mwdebug1002 are reliably the last two hosts to finish scap-cdb-rebuild
T208284 Increase "check_legal_html" coverage to group0 wikis
observability​Performance-Team (Radar)SRE
T208813 Scap deployers should have the ability to depool and restart HHVM
T212147 Allow scap sync to deploy gradually
T220481 Reenable l10update in production
T223659 local-charts: Document Windows recommendations and notes
T228838 Consider enabling all MW log channels by default for WMF
MediaWiki-Debug-Logger​Developer ProductivityPlatform Engineering (Icebox)observability
T229033 wdio-cucumber-framework fails on NodeJS due to fibers@2.x under nodejs10
T229117 create swift container-to-container synchronization metrics
serviceopsSRESustainability (Incident Followup)
T229118 create a docker_registry_codfw swift container backup
serviceopsSRESustainability (Incident Followup)
T231928 CI service-pipeline-test-and-publish job assumes blubber config has a single production image
T235487 Enable Wikidata, cxserver, and Parsoid on new wikis as early as possible
T239742 Should npm packages maintained by Wikimedia be scoped or unscoped?
Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog​Front-end-Standards-Group​Readers-Web-Backlog (Tracking)Platform Engineering (Icebox)
T245757 Upgrade MediaWiki clusters to Debian Buster (debian 10)
T246793 Scap should set 'level' in Logstash messages
T253781 Add mwversion to php7-fatal-error.php logstash message
T253822 Remove provisioning for 'mwscript', 'foreachwikiindblist' etc from deployment host
serviceops​Deployments​Sustainability (Incident Followup)User-jijiki
T264365 mediawiki/extensions and mediawiki/skins missing the REL1_35 and REL1_36 branches
T267280 Create service account for npm
T267435 Beta cluster seems to be extremely slow for logged in user during page navigation
T274901 Stop using puppet + git pull for auto deployment of schema repos
T276940 Enable PHP assertions in WMF CI
T277720 Provide a CI mechanism by which we can assert that front-end components can run independently of the MW back-end on which they rely
T278689 Upgrade deployment-prep deploy* hosts to Buster
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T264231 Investigate whether issues, operations, wikis, etc. can be disabled globally on GitLab
T285232 The restricted/mediawiki-webserver image should include skins and resources
T178137 MediaWiki-Vendor creates a scenario in which incompatible versions of dependencies can be present
Composer​MediaWiki-Vendor​Developer-Wishlist (Next)wdwb-tech
T282840 Revisit how we run Selenium tests in our repos
T193824 Determine a standard way of installing MediaWiki lib/extension dependencies within containers
Release Pipeline
T230454 Javascript test failures on REL1_31 / REL1_32 / REL1_33
Done (within RelEng)
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T266055 Update Scap to perform rolling restart for all MW deploy
T236680 Enable API integration tests in CI for MediaWiki core
T242775 Hundreds of tags for `wikimedia/mediawiki-core` image