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Making sense of the world, one story at a time. Host Malika Bilal and journalists from Al Jazeera's international bureaus and beyond share their take on the most important stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
OCT 27, 2021
Winter is coming: How the energy crunch is squeezing everyone
All around the world, supplies of energy cannot keep up with soaring demand. That means higher energy prices. But more expensive natural gas, oi…
18 min
OCT 25, 2021
Trapped: Afghan women judges fear for their lives
Many Afghans are still trying to escape their country after the Taliban took over in August but few are as threatened as women judges. In 2009 …
20 min
OCT 22, 2021
Gunfire and sectarian anger renew civil war fears in Lebanon
As fighting erupts across an old frontline in Beirut, Al Jazeera’s senior correspondent Lebanon Zeina Khodr shares her experiences reporting on a cou…
20 min
OCT 20, 2021
In Libya, a Gaddafi makes a play for power
Muammar Gaddafi’s death shocked the world – and 10 years later, the instability the former leader’s death unleashed in Libya has yet to end. Many th…
19 min
OCT 18, 2021
Are Hondurans the new climate refugees?
Increasingly, droughts, floods, and hurricanes are becoming a reason for people to leave their homes and even their countries. Last year, nearly half of …
18 min
OCT 15, 2021
Could this new malaria vaccine save millions of lives?
With close to half a million deaths from Malaria in 2019 --most in Sub-Saharan Africa-- scientists have spent decades working toward a vaccine, an…
20 min
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Steve in Bristow
Just discovered the show…
Thanks to the Washington Post podcast recommendation. I was an avid viewer of the Al-Jazeera newscast in the US until was dropped. Love the non-objective coverage of world events.

9.13 podcast
excellent show. great discussion/new info. from guests and keeping it real by not forgetting all the torturing done by the gw bush admin and then how obama didn’t prosecute nor investigate. obama turned out to be such a huge disappointment. we thought with him we were voting for an individual that believed in human justice/rights but the fact was he believed in keeping corporate america happy instead of doing the right thing. blahh

Rallon Wolfheart
New News
I hear enough about American news so I listen to this to get a glimpse at what is happening in the world around me or to get a new perspective on American policies
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