The Russian Government’s Assault On RFE/RL:
Smear as “foreign agent”
Accreditation denials for contributors
650 charges under invasive “labeling” regulations
$3.4 million in fines
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RFE/RL Condemns Belarus Bureau Raid, Detention of Journalists
RFE/RL Outraged By Pegasus Project Revelations Involving Azerbaijani Service Journalists
Yesypenko Detention Extended Six Months In Closed-Door Hearing In Russian Controlled Crimea
'Mockery of Justice': RFE/RL Demands Losik’s Release As Show Trial Gets Under Way In Belarus
RFE/RL’s Case Challenging Russia’s 'Foreign Agent' Laws Given 'Priority' By European Court of Human Rights
RFE/RL In The News
EXPERTS AVAILABLE: Presidential Election in Iran
The New York Times Highlights RFE/RL Reporting From Belarus Courthouse Where Defendant Stabbed Himself
Daily Beast Profiles Jailed RFE/RL Journalist Yesypenko, Russia's Campaign Against RFE/RL
Fox News: Who is Belarus journalist arrested on diverted Ryanair flight?
EXPERTS AVAILABLE: Belarus' Mid-Flight Diversion of a Civilian Airliner to Capture Journalist Raman Pratasevich
EUvsDisinfo Interviews RFE/RL's Vasile Botnaru on Journalism in Moldova
Washington Post Editorial: Russia’s attack on U.S. media has become a test case
The New York Times: Kremlin Escalates Fight With U.S.-Funded Journalists, Officials Say
CJR | CPJ's Joel Simon: Repression and Reciprocity in Russia
Axios World: Radio Free Europe fights to continue operations in Russia
NPR: Russia Cracks Down On U.S. Broadcaster RFE/RL
The Dispatch: How Moscow Is Threatening Radio Free Europe and the Remnants of the Independent Press
The Economist cites RFE/RL's Nazarbaev family real estate investigation in coverage of Kazakhstan elections
WNYC's The Takeaway interviews RFE/RL's Golnaz Esfandiari on Iran's nuclear program, its possible impact on US-Iran relations
RFE/RL's Radio Azadi Fights For 'Freedom Of Speech' Amid Turmoil In Afghanistan
Media ‘Foreign Agents’ In Russia, U.S. Are Not The Same Thing
FAQ – RFE/RL, Russia, and 'Foreign Agent' laws
RFE/RL Events
June 25 -- Middle East Institute: Iran, Russia, and China in the Post US Withdrawal Afghan Landscape
June 10 -- GWU-Central Asia Program: China’s Vaccine Diplomacy In Central Asia
May 17 -- Wilson Center: A Storied Legacy, Continued Challenges: RFE/RL & A. Ross Johnson
May 13 -- Atlantic Council Webinar: Russian & Iranian perspectives on the Afghan peace process
Journalists in Trouble Newsletter
Investigation Finds Evidence Equipment Sent By Lithuania-Based Company Used At Crimean Power Plants
Why Is Hungary Funding Diaspora Communities In Western Ukraine?
How Coca-Cola Helped Uzbekistan Seize A Lucrative Bottling Operation From U.S. Citizens
How Russian Oil Companies Illegally Dump Toxic Waste
Inside Pakistan's 'Conversion Factory' For Hindu Brides 
Briefly...About Media Freedom
Briefly...Sergey Khazov-Cassia on Corruption in Russia
Briefly...Kiryl Sukhotski On Threats to RFE/RL Operations In Russia
Briefly...Malali Bashir On Reporting From War Zones
Briefly...Yuliya Kockaya on Covering Belarus’ Protests
Briefly...Radio Farda's Hannah Kaviani on Reporting on the COVID-19 Crisis in Iran
Kudos And Awards
RFE/RL Ukrainian Service Journalists Win Fritt Ord, ZEIT Foundation Honors
RFE/RL And Partners Win 'Tom Renner Award' For Central Asia Money-Laundering Report
Director Iryna Tsilyk's Film, Supported By Current Time, Wins At Sundance
RFE/RL's Polina Paunova Lauded For Investigative Series
RFE/RL's Anna Sous Awarded Belarus Journalist of the Year
In Memoriam
Miro Neoveský, former RFE/RL Slovak Service Director
Remembering A. Ross Johnson
Kazis Toguzbaev, Kazakh Service Correspondent
Mohammad Ilyas Dayee, A Narrator Of Afghan Hope And Suffering
Semyon Mirsky, Longtime RFE/RL Russian Service Journalist
Bubukan Dosalieva, Journalist With RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service
Justin P. Liuba, Former Head of Radio Free Europe's Office in New York
InterNYET: A History of the Russian Internet
Putin's Witnesses
Not In Our Name
Latest episode
AfPak File Podcast: Education Amid Violence In Afghanistan
Majlis Podcast
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AfPak File Podcast: Unpacking The Taliban’s Unrelenting Assault
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