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A godfather of modern Japanese surf culture had high hopes for the Games, but the pandemic had other ideas. Even his torch relay was canceled. FULL STORY
Baby Biocode
A prenatal test used worldwide sends gene data of pregnant women to the company that developed it with China's military. The U.S. sees a security risk. FULL STORY
JULY 07, 2021
The Muqtada Moment
The political movement of nationalist Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has quietly come to dominate the apparatus of the Iraqi state. This growing influence could pose problems for the U.S. and Iran. FULL STORY
JUNE 29, 2021
Politically Incorrect
The bank got in trouble over a high-stakes U.S.-China legal clash. In the past two years, Chinese state-owned firms have ended or cut back business with HSBC. FULL STORY
JUNE 28, 2021
Loss Upon Loss
With vaccinations lagging, a vicious COVID-19 variant cut through three generations of the Cunha family. Within the space of six weeks, four would die. FULL STORY
JUNE 25, 2021
Power Play
A young Venezuelan grew wealthy with power plant projects. Despite blackouts that followed, and international criminal probes, he remade himself abroad. FULL STORY
JUNE 23, 2021
Campaign of Fear
‘You and your family will be killed very slowly’: Trump's false voter-fraud claims sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials and workers nationwide. FULL STORY
JUNE 11, 2021
River of Blood
Accounts surfaced last year of ethnic killings in an Ethiopian town called Mai Kadra. Now Reuters has pieced together accounts of those atrocities and the chain of events they unleashed. FULL STORY
JUNE 07, 2021
Russia’s New Gulag
Former inmates of Alexei Navalny's jail have told Reuters they were subjected to beatings and severe psychological pressure. Medical neglect is common, they say. FULL STORY
MAY 20, 2021
Ethiopia at War
Across Ethiopia, Tigrayans are being fired and jailed since fighting erupted in their home region. The tensions are complicating efforts to end one of the world’s bitterest civil conflicts and threatening the unity of the country. FULL STORY
MAY 07, 2021
Coal and Ice
As many Western countries move away from coal, Moscow doubles down on production and turns east, to Asia. FULL STORY
APRIL 29, 2021
The Target
The Hot List | Part 6: The Iranian-born, Western-educated scientist returned to his homeland to work in the government. But he fell afoul of hard-liners and went into hiding. FULL STORY
APRIL 27, 2021
The Cassandra
The Hot List | Part 5: This scientist's prophecy of an Australian inferno was correct. In a country whose government has downplayed human-caused climate change, the message was unwelcome. FULL STORY
APRIL 26, 2021
The Paradox
The Hot List | Part 4: It might seem improbable advising leaders of a nation famous for producing oil. But Duarte says the Saudi government has embraced many of his climate solutions. FULL STORY
APRIL 23, 2021
The Hot List
Reuters ranks the world’s most influential climate scientists – and takes you inside the lives of six remarkable researchers. FULL STORY
Myanmar Burning
Read our award-winning coverage of the expulsion of the Rohingya from Myanmar, including the investigation that landed reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo in prison. FULL STORY
Duterte’s War
Read the Reuters series that has won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for international reporting: Inside the bloody drug crackdown in the Philippines. FULL STORY
The Takeover of Hong Kong | How China systematically dismantled liberty in its freest city.
Shielded | How an obscure legal doctrine called qualified immunity protects police accused of excessive force.
The Teflon Robe | A Reuters investigation finds U.S. judges keep jobs despite misconduct.
COVID Kingdom | How science power Britain bungled the pandemic response.
Dying Inside | The Hidden Crisis in America’s Jails.
Shots in the Dark | An American city’s struggle to police its police
Love & Danger | Amid pandemic, elderly Americans share their stories.
The Revolt of Hong Kong | China’s freest city fights for its future
Hidden Injustice | How U.S. courts cover up deadly secrets
Ambushed at Home | The hazardous, squalid housing of American military families
The China Challenge | How Beijing’s military build-up is ending U.S. supremacy in Asia
Maduro’s Venezuela | How the strongman tightened his grip on his failing state
Project Raven | How White House veterans and former NSA operatives turned the UAE into a hacking power
Climate Quests | Seekers in a time of planetary disruption
Myanmar Burning | The expulsion of the Rohingya
Ambushed at Home | The hazardous, squalid housing of American military families
Ocean Shock | The climate crisis beneath the waves
The Soccer Files | Thousands of #FootballLeaks documents shed light on the finances of top clubs and star players.
The Cold Frontier | A journey along North Korea's edge
Duterte’s War | Inside the bloody drug crackdown in the Philippines
Lead’s Hidden Toll | Exposing the hidden hazards of lead poisoning across America
Shock Tactics | Inside the Taser, the weapon that transformed policing
The Body Trade | Cashing in on the donated dead
The Philip Morris Files | Inside the campaign to subvert the world’s anti-smoking treaty
Crypto Casino | Inside the booming, risky world of digital currencies
Duterte’s War | Inside the bloody drug crackdown in the Philippines
The Migration Machine | Millions of people, billions of dollars – and Europe’s struggle to cope
The Uncounted | The deadly epidemic America is ignoring
Cheat Sheet | Inside the business of standardized testing and college admissions
Unsafe at Any Level | Exposing the hidden hazards of lead poisoning across America
Sisi’s Egypt | Examining the counter-revolution after the Arab Spring
Comrade Capitalism | The Putin family’s billions
Helpless & Hooked | The most vulnerable victims of America’s opioid epidemic
The Long Arm of China | How Beijing is imposing its will far beyond its borders
The Cannibalized Company | How the cult of shareholder value is reshaping corporate America
The War for Iraq | Battling to control a shattered land
Wall Street’s Way | Inside the financial industry’s efforts to undo regulatory reform
The Echo Chamber | A small group of lawyers and its outsized influence at the U.S. Supreme Court
Water’s Edge | The crisis of rising sea levels
Comrade Capitalism | How Russia does business in the Putin era
Farmaceuticals | The drugs fed to farm animals and the risks posed to humans
The War on the Rohingya | Asia’s persecuted minority
The Child Exchange | The lawless online marketplace for adopted kids
Assets of the Ayatollah | The Iranian leader’s business empire
Unaccountable | Accounting abuses at the Pentagon
Breakout | Inside China’s military buildup

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